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What Do You Celebrate At Birthdays, A Life Or A Number?



Rev. Segun Akingbuwa

Rev. Segun Akingbuwa

Psalm 90:19-12

When people mark their birthdays, what exactly are they celebrating, a life or a number?’

It is important to note that we are greater than a number. As much as it is the purpose of God for us to celebrate birthdays, yet we must reckon time is a precious thing. Time is a gift from Jesus Christ and we have to value it. Let us mind time, not waste it. Time wasted or lost cannot be recovered. Once time goes off it is over! What did you spend your time on? Where are you spending your time? How did you spend your time?


What I am saying is that we must improve in the way we live. We may wish we can come back or withdraw time but it is gone! We cannot make more time!

Students need to make time for their studies. There are 1,140 seconds in a day, that package of 24hrs is so vital we need to be more serious and make the best of it. (see the story of Hezekiah in the bible).

There is so much you can achieve within your time when you manage it with the fear of the Lord.


Money is valuable but time is more valuable than money because you cannot make more time. You can save your time with other people’s lives.

Let me show you three vital ways to invest time:

  1. In people
  2. In prayer
  • In God..

For God, the only reason He will make you great in life is to be a blessing to others. (refs James 4:13-15; Acts 13:36; Eph 4:16-17; 1 Cor 4:2)

Time belongs to God. Don’t waste it –  in bar, chasing strange women or men or at a smoke joint; rather, use and manage your time in the things of God.


Let your time tell the story about you that you are a prudent custodian.

You should reflect how does your life impacts humanity and eternity? What will this generation remember you for? Leave a legacy. Be accountable with time and resources, eliminate major time wasters; do away with it. You must be prudent with your time redeeming the time.

Clock your days: every moment you spend, your days are ticking away, make it tick towards God’s destiny. Young and adults start investing with your time and money.


Rev Akingbuwa is a senior pastor in the Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM), a motivational speaker and financial intelligence coach