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Late Anna Ezenwa’s Burial: Umuokwara’s Showcase Of The Kindred Spirit



By Cami Ezenwa

Anyone opportune to be at Umuokwara Clan in the last one week will witness first hand, an apt  showcase of the kindred spirit.

A lead clan in Ihe isokpo Ogbaku community South-west of Owerri, the Imo State capital, it is a kindred with a rare history, the subject of another story in the near future.

Suffice to add now however, that Umuokwara, short for Umuokwarazukwu, showed a bit of its rare and unique side.


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Ebullient youths under the auspices of  Umuokwuruzukwu Development Union (UDU) led by Hamas Chinagorom mobilised their rank and file, clearing, cleaning, ferrying needed materials and items to and fro in the bid to give the late woman a befitting burial.

And at the flip of a finger, the association’s Treasurer, and one of the lead mourners, Victor Ezenwa, could mobilise a robust bike, with their endearing silencer sounds to go pick any guest.

So, it was both a case of giving honour to whom it is due, rare showcase of the kindred spirit.


A retired teacher, woman leader, mother and grandmother, her death and burial indeed provided a rostrum for sons and daughters individuals and families, she had touched in the course of her 77 year sojourn on earth to lay their hands on the plough.

The women and children made succeeding shuttles to the markets, for needed essentials,  the young men saw to it that physical arrangements at the different ceremony locations were in order.

The morals were many: strength in unity, importance of touching lives while alive, and the certainty of a pay day


But then, that shouldn’t be a strange indication given the antecedent of both the Ezenwa family and the Umuokwarazukwu kindred.

All funeral obsequies were performed to their full.

There was a hip hop music stand, gospel music renditions and ceaseless flow of food and drinks.


The head of the Ezenwa clan and ex-plumbing contractor, Mr Valentine Ezenwa, just like other sons and daughters of the family, had had to relocate to the community to ensure all things connected with the burial went well.

The wake keep on Wednesday was electrifying with two live band stands a gospel and contemporary music stand and a gospel music one.

All through the night, there was no dull moment. On the back of the kindred spirit, all sides and groups gave good accounts of their existence.


It was indeed a showcase of the kindred spirit.

The late Mrs Anastacia Enyinnaya Ezenwa, with “Madam Anne” as pet name, attended the Lasbrey Teachers Training College (LTTC), Irete Owerri and the University of Nigeria (UNN) and taught in a number of schools within the state.

Photos Below: 



Digging the grave

The eldest son in the Ezenwa family, Mr Valentine Ezenwa during the lying in state

Eldest son, Victor Ezenwa reading graveyard citation

From left, Cami & Ndy Ezenwa view the corse

One of the music stands

The burial done