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Where To Take Your Family For A Memorable Outing This Yuletide



Take Your Family For A Memorable Outing

By Cami Ezenwa

Countdown for the yuletide has already began and there is no better time to plan to take your family for a memorable outing than now.

There could be many options for such a family recreation but you must chose taking cognisance of a number of factors.


Let us help you list those factors you must consider before we make a suggestion.

1.Cost or affordability

Irrespective of our income level, the reality that stares everyone in the face is economic hardship, which has meant scarcity of the naira.


Wise households now factor cost and affordability while shopping for their needs.

2. Real treat or entertainment for both adults and children

Imagine if you have a place that could afford you both shopping and recreational opportunities under one convenient roof, not only for the adult members of the family, but the children as well.


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3. Accessibility

One of the things you must consider where to take your family for a memorable outing for this yuletide is accessibility. in other word, a place which you can access easily whether coming in a private vehicle or commercial one.


Don’t choose a shopping and recreation location that cannot easily be accessed.

4. Your Safety

For any family recreation now, worth attending, safety is of the essence, both for adults and children. especially now that the wicked ones appear to be everywhere, where to take your family for a memorable outing is important.

5. Business networking


There’s a saying that business should not be mixed with leisure, but sometimes however, a recreation place could be a fertile place for business networking. Afterall, some chief executives after a hectic week, decide to go somewhere for socials and relaxation. this enables them to rediscover themselves before another week of work begins.

6. Other attractions


We learn everyday and from almost everything we experience, moreso for those events and activities which add value to our professional and career endeavours

Our recommendation

Taking cognisance of all options available, our recommendation for you is the The Child Safety Conference,/Business Expo and Awards.


Highlights of the programme:

-Experts would discuss and advise on best safety precautions for individuals and families especially in view of what is happening in the country.

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–Family and household Products’ manufacturers would display discounted products for bargain price deals for yuletide shopping. by allotted pavilions in large compound amidst safety talks in the hall.

-children will have slides, and rides to play on with their favourite snacks, prizes and teazers to take home

-Archirvers including galant officers, politicians, and reliable security firms would be given awards


-Networking for new busiiand new friend go on side by side.

-No anxiety as to parking problems and security

We recommend the Children Safety Conference and Products’Fair/The  Eagle Award 2023 as your ultimate destination this yuletide.


Venue: Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ), beside WAEC Office, Ogba Lagos.

Time: 9am.

You can call 08180335778, 0902 768 1926, 09165809519

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