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9ice Delivers Epic Performance at Mojo Lounge Anniversary



epic performance
9ice and Gyc

By Ibrahim Kegbegbe
Nigerian music artiste, Alexander Abolore Akande known professionally as “9ice,” delivered an epic performance at the first-anniversary celebration of Mojo Lounge on Friday, May 31, 2024.

The event, held in Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos, was marked by an electric atmosphere, with fans treated to an unforgettable night of hip-hop, Afrobeats, and Fuji music.

9ice, also known by his moniker “Alapomeji,” hails from Oyo State and has been a formidable presence in the Nigerian music industry for over two decades. Renowned for his unique delivery of proverbial Yoruba songs, 9ice first gained widespread fame in 2008 with his hit single “Gongo Aso.” Since then, he has continued to shape the music scene with his distinctive style and artistic prowess.


The Mojo Lounge, popularly referred to as “Mojobythegrid,” has established itself as a prominent and well-patronized nightclub in Lagos. The anniversary event saw hundreds of 9ice’s fans, club patrons, and well-wishers flocking to the venue to celebrate.

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Joining the celebration was another sensational star, Fortune Kingsley, known as GyC. Recently signed by Bullion Records, GyC has been making waves with his new single, “Woman,” which has quickly gained traction on digital streaming platforms.
GyC said, “Joining 9ice at Mojo’s first-anniversary celebration tonight is an honor and a milestone in my career. His influence on Nigerian music is undeniable, and sharing this moment with him at Mojo Lounge’s anniversary is truly special.”
During his performance, 9ice emphasized that his music goes beyond just dancehall entertainment. “My music is not only for dancing; it is also embedded with wisdom, education, and godliness,” he told the audience.

He took the opportunity to also freestyle and share a heartfelt message about the value of friendships. “My first laptop and car were bought by friends, and I still enjoy the company of friendship up to the moment,” he said, urging his fans to cherish and maintain their relationships.


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The event highlighted 9ice’s enduring influence and ability to connect with his audience on multiple levels, reinforcing his status as a towering figure in Nigerian music.

The success of Mojo Lounge’s first-anniversary celebration underscores the venue’s reputation as a hotspot for music lovers and nightlife enthusiasts in Lagos. With 9ice’s performance setting a high bar, the club continues to be a hub of vibrant entertainment.