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Nigerian Customs Job Recruitment Updates & Collaboration With NPA



By Cami Ezenwa

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) and the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) have started a collaboration expected to impact on job recruitment and wealth creation as additional incentives.

Both are mega parastatals of the federal government with huge capital budgets and billions of naira generated both quarterly and annually..

They are also efficient employers of labour through their job recruitment and vacancy opportunities from time to time.


The latest is that the two agencies have pledged to work together to deepen trade facilitation and drive exports as part of measures to support the federal governments economic diversification effort.

The Eagle reports that economic diversification and deepening of trade create opportunities for job recruitment because they involve increased manufacturing activities, increased marketing and sales and even more warehousing and shipping requirements.

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The two agencies reached the understanding when the Comptroller General of the NCS, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi led members of his management team to NPA’s headquarters, Lagos.

They agreed that their collaboration will improve Nigeria’s export earnings and facilitation of export cargoes.

Managing Director of NPA, Mohammed Belo-Koko spoke of need to streamline export desks to make facilitation of cargoes onboard vessels seamless.The NPA boss frowned at Export Processing Terminals (EPTs) reporting to export desk at the seaports.


“We have seen a tremendous increase in percentage and quantity of export cargo and we appreciate that but, we still have a little problem because we have an issue of multiple export desks”..Speaking further, Bello-Koko, urged the Customs CG to include the authority as part of agencies of government that would benefit from the proceeds of auctioning of overtime cargoes at the ports.

“We have moved cargo to Ikorodu and we are also going to be involved in other expenditures. But, we saw a circular where somebody who was instructed did not do what exactly what he was instructed.

They forgot to put NPA as one of the agencies of government that will benefit from the auction proceeds.


I believe that you can stop them to correct that mistake because we have really spent a lot of money when it comes to overtime cargo.

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If we are able to do that While responding the Customs CG, stated that that the visit to NPA was to renew friendship and deepens existing relationship and collaboration.


It is obvious that the collaboration therefore is expected boost demand for Nigerian made products, and more employment opportunities – job recruitment slots.

More hands would be needed in factories where the products are manufactured, packaged cargoed and even for other professional services.Unemployed person’s could therefore keep a tab on both agencies and The Eagle news platform to know when a job recruitment in relation to the above would be announced.

This is in addition to both regular Nigeria Customs job recruitment and NPA vacancies announcements would would be released.

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