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4 Legal Ways For Nigerians To Relocate To Canada In 2024



4 Legal Routes For Nigerians To Relocate To Canada In 2024

Moving overseas, or “japa,” to Canada and other nations in pursuit of greener pastures, is one of the ideas Nigerians have to improve their lot in life and that of their family.

Without sugarcoating it, moving overseas is currently viewed many Nigerians as a top priority requiring careful planning and financial support.

Relocate Through Professional Jobs or Skills


In addition, a large number of Nigerians have emigrated to Canada and other nations in search of professional positions that offer higher compensation for their qualifications and services.

Relocate Through Study Route 

Studying overseas is a major route to relocate abroad. This requires sending applications to universities in Canada which could be Bachelor, Master or Doctorate degrees.

When you apply to schools in Canada, this will qualify you for a student visa that allows you to settle in the country.


Relocate Through Marriage

Getting married to someone from the country of your destination is one legal way to relocate abroad. This is a common means of relocating to Canada, especially for unmarried men who find Canadian girls.

Many Nigerians have adopted the marriage route to relocate. You can legally relocate if you are lawfully married to a Canadian woman.

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Relocate through permanent residency

Another way to relocate is by seeking permanent residency in Canada as the North American country accepts permanent residency applications.

However, a permanent residency application takes as much as six months or even more to get approved.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Uchenna Chinenye John

    November 14, 2023 at 6:55 am

    My name is Uchenna Chinenye John. I am a Nigerian that wants to migrate to Canada for my Masters and I want visa to enable me to get my visa

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