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7 Smart And Honest Ways To Secure Employment These Hard Times



Honest Ways To Secure Employment
Job seekers in Nigeria, you can differentiate yourself from the pack

By Cami Ezenwa

The buzz in town is that there are no jobs anywhere again; not even for First Class graduates, but 7 Smart And Honest Ways To Secure Employment, is here to make you an exception.

Yes, jobs may have become scarce generally, but your case can be different, as shortly shall be proven by this revealing write-up.


So, do not rush through it like you would do, other kinds of articles; instead,, pick a diary and biro, and scribble down key points as you read on.

To begin with, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) recently reported unemployment rates of 5.3 percent in Quarter 4 of 2022, and 4.1 percent in Quarter 1 of the outgoing year, based on the New Nigeria Labour Survey (NLFS) as reviewed.

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This paints a grim picture of a truth we already know. It underscores for us, the imperatives of value-based preparation and readiness by job seekers before they set out.

What then are the and honest ways to secure employment despite the above?

Pay particular attention to 6 and 7.


1 Know your strength

Before venturing into any enterprise or joining any employment, part of your preparation, should be knowing who you really are, and the qualities you personally possess.

There is something that God has put in the inside of each and everyone of us that makes us different, and from which we should profit.


Check again, because understanding and harnessing it will not only launch you but accelerate your progress

Your area of strength, could be physical, emotional, academic, psychological etc, capitalise on it. Sometimes, it needs a little working on, and afterwards, you are ready to launch out.

2. Learn or perfect a skill along that line


Imagine if you were a natural organiser and you go ahead and study organisational or human management, you would have perfected a God-given gift for needed excelling at the workplace.

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Please note “study” here does not imply enrolling in one phantom school of extended learning.


One dedicated week could be enough to understudy a person or process to kick-start something worthwhile, and you then return for refreshers where need be.

3.. Initiate the employment, don’t wait for job vacancy advertisements,

. I do not know when last you saw serial position vacancies listed in national newspapers for applicants to pick and chose. why wait if you already have what it takes to advance a company’s operations.


You can initiate your employment once equipped with the wherewithal.

You should note that one of the questions job coaches or recruitment managers throw at prospects is, what can you do for us? What do you want to bring to the table?

It usually throws traditional job seekers off balance. Most mumble through the question and end up never getting contacted once the leave the interview table


3. Prime yourself to become the best,(or at least, one of the best) in your chosen field.

Everything good begins from our mind; from the inside. Decide that you will be, cultivate the excellent spirit and the possibility mentality.

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If you are ready and hungry for work, your dressing, attitude, conduct at the venue, response to questions will show it. Rather than general responses, be ready with tailor-made problem-solving responses.

4. Be mindful of the “interview Before the interview

You probably have viewed the short video of a recruitment session where the hiring company has disorganised, things right from the ante-room to the interview venue; mounted hidden cameras seeking to pick out the response of each of the prospects upon sighting the disorder.

Dictate the terms, know what you want beforehand. Smart dressing could be among Honest Ways To Secure Employment

Only passed the test, beginning from turning round to switch off a water tap from which precious water was goozing away.

It could come from your responses to informal discussions during banters prior to the interview.

5. Let the value in you begin to speak the moment you come in contact.

Job coaches say to prospects, to be value-driven is to become a hot cake


You should ask yourself: if I am a writer,  what value can my writing bring to the table?

6.Do your background checks, come armed with solutions

One best way to be the preferred candidate is to come prepared with solutions to the company’s prevailing needs.


It depends on the position you are seekig, but be ready with practical approaches that can bail out the company.

A company which has advertised for Corporate Communications Manager most obviously has issues with its public profile and desires to mend it.

Otherwise, the competent hand handling the office may have resigned and the organisation is looking to hire a competent replacement.


So, how your coming help the course of the course of the organisation.

Be ready with a handy short presentation, and not to just response to questions.

7. Volunteer, intern


Volunteering or interning is one of the easiest ways to secure a regular employment with a company or an organisation. Internship creates for you a space and sphere of influence that you may never have got, had you sought employment right away

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Almost every staffer is ready to be of assistance to an intern.


This gives an intern a leverage to learn from all possible desks and units

The second side of it is volunteering. You can volunteer for a community, a project or scheme. If it falls within your area of specialty, give it your all, bringing on your expertise.

The time you would have spent waiting for the next job as an engineer could well be deployed, patching or mending roads and pathways. The skill you put to it would certainly market you, either to head the team for a much escalated repair work.


It may lead to a community member referring you, or the community itself engaging you as maintenance or whatever manager.

You may want to run through again: 7 Smart And Honest Ways To Secure Employment These Hard Times!

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