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How To Get Canada Permanent Residency (PR) Through Investment In 2024



How To Get Canada Permanent Residency (PR) Through Investment In 2024

Do you know you can migrate to Canada and secure a permanent residency through investments?

What you should know about investing your way into Canada is provided here. Knowing the wide variety of business visa types and programs that will be accessible to you in 2024 and beyond is essential if you consider yourself to be a business-savvy individual.

This piece explores the several business immigration programs that can help you on your path to permanent residence in Canada.

The idea of active investment lies at the core of business leaders’ programs for Canadian business immigration. This implies that you will be actively involved in the company until you obtain permanent residence in Canada, if not more. Let’s examine the categories of qualifying investments:


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Continuation of Your Home Country Business: you can establish a Canadian subsidiary of your current company, operating out of your home country. This entails duplicating or enhancing commercial endeavors from your native nation on Canadian territory. Using this strategy entails getting a work visa for investors so you may establish and run your company in Canada. Canada will grant you permanent residency if your firm makes considerable progress and you are granted a work visa. This falls under the Intra-Company Transfer Program (ICT), one of the corporate immigration schemes.

Acquiring Existing Canadian Businesses: This path entails extensive research and investing in a company that shares your goals. Typically, the procedure is getting a visitor’s visa, finding a company to buy through internet research, going to franchise events, meeting sellers in person or through a representative, or utilizing a broker (much like when buying a house). You get an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) after purchasing and using it, then a work visa, permanent residence in Canada, and finally citizenship. This is covered by the Entrepreneur LMIA business immigration program, one of the business immigration programs offered by Canada.


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Benefits of the Canada Business Immigration? 

  1. Expedited Relocation and Educational Benefits: The Canada Business Immigration route offers a swift transition to living in Canada. As a part of this pathway, you receive a work permit, your spouse an open work permit, and your children study permits. These permits enable them to attend primary and secondary schools without any tuition fees, and for higher education in universities, they benefit from paying domestic student rates in certain provinces, which are significantly lower than the fees for international students. 
  2. Access to Comprehensive Healthcare: Upon relocating to Canada through the business immigration program, you, and your family gain access to the country’s universal healthcare system. This means you can enjoy a wide range of healthcare services without incurring additional costs. 
  3. Opportunity for Permanent Residency: One of the key advantages of this pathway is the potential to secure permanent residency in Canada. This status not only solidifies your foothold in the country but also opens up pathways for eventual citizenship. 
  4. Business Growth and Networking Opportunities: By establishing or investing in a business in Canada, you tap into a robust and diverse market. This presents numerous opportunities for business expansion, networking, and collaboration with Canadian and international enterprises. 
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