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Nigeria’s Problem Bad Governance, Not National Anthems -Ajadi



National anthems
From left, President Tinubu, Ambassador Ajadi

By Cami Ezenwa

Ambassador Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, chieftain of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), has reacted to the National Anthems’ controversy, taking a different perspective to the matter.

Nigeria ‘s problems, he said, goes beyond the issue of anthems, urging Nigerians’ to refuse to be distracted.


Ajadi who is gubernatorial candidate of the NNPP in Ogun State, advised Nigerians’ against falling for the divisive tendencies of government but to truly hold it to account in terms of what it was supposed to do for the people.

“The issue confronting Nigerians at the moment is more crucial than changing the National anthem.

“Even with the new one, how has the government improved the lives of Nigerian”, he qierried.


Ambassador Ajadi, a renowned entrepreneur with investment in the manufacturing, entertainment, and promotions business, said it suited the government for Nigerians to bicker about the national anthems, even when it had not translated to better life for Nigerians.

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“What Nigerians need most is good governance.

It is for the prices of goods and services to remain affordable.


“It is for them to be able to feed their families, pay school fees and live good lives.

“Has the revert to the old anthem made all these people? The answer is no”.

Ajadi said the government was demonstrating irresponsibility in not seeking genuinely to make life better for Nigerians, but rather to play to the gallery


“You do not need to preach patriotism to Nigerians if you give them good governance.

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“Provide roads, water, affordable transportation and bring down prices so that the average Nigerian survive.,those are what a good government should do first.

“But right now, the economy is challenging and Nigerians are suffering, how to solve these should be the first priority of the government”, he admonished.


He described as indefensible, Nigeria’s continued importation of petrol rather than fixing refineries as a clear proof of a clueless government.

“You do not need to spend five years to make impact in the lives of people.

” What is it about this government that can convince anyone that it wants to improve things in the country? Absolutely nothing.


“Let them make prices come down, from foodstuff to transportation to accommodation and begin to fix roads, we will then know they are serious and not by changing the National anthem “, Ajadi stated.

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