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How To Cure Chronic Malaria With This Popular Fruit



Have you experienced a non-stop or perhaps, been in contact with someone who suffers from chronic malaria?

This malaria is usually defined as a long-term malarial infection in semi-immune subjects, usually without fever or other acute symptoms.

As stressful and dangerous as this might be, there is a simple solution to manage this sickness.

In a tweet, agricultural extension specialist, farmer and researcher, Lanre Akintobi has shared how the velvet tamarind popularly called Licki Licki can cure this chronic malaria.


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The process:

– – Get a sizable amount of the ripened tamarind

– Extract the yellow edible part (inside the black pod – the one you lick)


– Boil it

– Extract the water (yellowish)

– Drink it (it’s sweet actually)


– Take it often every other day for 2-3 weeks. You’ll be up on your feet within 24 hours.

NB: The Eagle advices to seek professional medical examination if symptoms persist.

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