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‘A Threat To Tinubu’s Wife, Oluremi Is A Threat To Itsekiri Nation’



Itskiri indigenes have reacted to the video of an Islamic cleric calling for the life of President Tinubu’s wife, Oluremi because she is a pastor.

The Eagle earlier reported that the Islamic cleric claimed the Muslim/Muslim ticket that propelled President Bola Tinubu to power was a fraudulent scheme.

With this, he asserted that according to the Quran, the wife of the president, being an infidel, should face death. However, he failed to cite any specific chapter or verse from the Quran to substantiate his claim.

Following this threat to life, Itsekiri indigenes through their social media pages have called to defend their own and claimed a threat to Oluremi is a threat to their nation.


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A tweep, Lord of Warri tweeted, “A threat to OluRemi is a threat to Itsekiri nation regardless of her political position or stance. To forget that your own people is in all over Yoruba lands and itsekiri lands to make such a statement. Try something like that we will clean warri and all itsekiri lands of your Muslims people.

My rejoinder bears no political allegiance whatsoever. Let it be acknowledged that regardless of the character of any Itsekiri individual, they remain Itsekiri. If a different faction can menace one of your ilk and even perpetrate their demise without retribution or reprisal, they will persist in their murderous actions unabated. However, upon encountering a reaction or counteraction to any fatality or intimidation, they will demur from undertaking any imprudent actions.”


Another identified as ATonukarin Ofe wrote, “Them nor fit try am na… all d mosque for warri don go down be that na . No too much cap U touch First Lady Oluremi Tinubu u don touch warri kingdom o we nor dey use our own play o”

Another tweep wrote, “It’s really disturbing for a cleric or whatever he is called to utter such. It’s more like no Christian is safe in Nigeria anymore.”

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