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Why President Tinubu’s Wife, Oluremi Deserves To Be … – Islamic Cleric (VIDEO)



Why President Tinubu's Wife, Oluremi Deserves To Be Killed - Islamic Cleric (VIDEO)

An Islamic cleric has used very harsh words on Nigeria’s First Lady, Oluremi Tinubu asserting that she deserves to be …. for being a pastor.

In a widely circulated video, the yet-to-be-identified Islamic cleric could be heard denouncing the Muslim/Muslim ticket that propelled President Bola Tinubu to power, labeling it as a fraudulent scheme.

Speaking in his dialect, he asserted that according to the Quran, the wife of the president, being an infidel, should face death. However, he failed to cite any specific chapter or verse from the Quran to substantiate his claim.

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In translation:

“Now, Tinubu @officialABAT, his wife is an #infidel. Even as an infidel, she is an ‘oga’ (a leader) among the infidels. Even her, God’s judgement says she must be killed.. She’s a pastor… Leaders of infidels (Christianity), Allah says they must be killed…”

Watch the video below:

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