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All Things Work Together For Good…Bishop Mike Okonkwo



Fathers' Day

Bishop Mike Okonkwo

Foundation Scripture:
Romans 8:28
“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

Wisdom For The Day!
There was this sad story of a plane crash that happened in Nigeria some time ago. But it is interesting to know that some people were supernaturally delivered.

They were to enter the same plane but right there on the spot something happened. One of them, a lady, was already at the counter to buy ticket.

She was next in line but as she was fiddling with her purse to bring out money, a Chinese overtook her and got the ticket. As expected, she quarrelled with the Chinese. In fact, the Chinese was taunting her with the ticket. But unknown to her God was saying, my daughter it is not yet your time.


There was this case of another lady also on the line for ticket when her husband called her on the phone. Because of the noise around the counter, she stepped out and by the time she came back, tickets had finished.

In fact, she was quarreling with the husband; arguing that he would pay for the excess because the airline was cheaper than others. She felt bad but unknown to her all things were working together for her good. Before she left the airport, she heard about the crash.

There was yet another business man who told his driver to buy him that very airline ticket but before the driver got to the airport the ticket sales were over. The man was upset with his driver and called his wife to fire the driver.


Beloved, we don’t have the same destiny and God always design all things to work out for your good. Don’t begin to say because somebody suffered, you must suffer.

No man speaks and it comes to pass when God has not approved it. I declare today that whatever man has put in place against your eternal destiny in Christ Jesus will not progress. The Grace of God will overrule on your behalf

Further Reading:
Lamentations 3:21-37,
Romans 8:28-39


Daily Bible Reading:

Morning –
Isaiah 65-66,

Evening –
1 Timothy 2

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