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Financial Breakthrough: The Only Thing Stopping You From It –Bishop Mike Okonkwo



Do you know the thing stopping you from financial breakthrough, resounding success in academics, politics and the other endeavours in life?

Thousands had the benefit of a clear direct answer Sunday 12 November 2023, from Bishop Mike Okonkwo, foremost evangelist, leading financial prosperity preacher and presiding bishop of the Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM).

It was at the pre-sunday of the Kingdom Life World Conference (KLWC), the annual convention of the church and Okonkwo came forcefully in the anointing, releasing impactful admonitions to prepare his flock.


He did not infer financial breakthrough alone, but success in all other endeavours.

Bishop Mike Okonkwo, a national merit award holder of Member of the Order of the Niger (MON) began answerIng by recalling a recent challenging health issue, said he was obligated to pointing the congregation to the right path. “Do you know the only thing hindering you? ‘if thou canst believe, believe in what?Believe in what God has said of you”, the man of God responded.


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He listed financial breakthrough, health and healing,, career progression, just any good thing that any child of God would desire, as things God had guaranteed for His children. They would however require consistency and persistency, amongst others to access them. (Ref Gen 1:26,): “God has empowered us to be fruitful. You can’t be in business and not succeed. You are not barren.

God has made you fruitful, He said you should multiply, increase, replenish, subdue and have dominion”, he admonished. He said that Christians should also always be expectant of good things, as “what you don’t expect, you can’t receive”, he said.


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