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6 Key Factors To Worsening Traffic Congestion In Akowonjo



Worsening Traffic Congestion In Akowonjo

By  Oluwakemisola Adebisi

I am writing to bring your attention to the persistent and worsening traffic menace in the Akowonjo area of Alimosho Local Government Area in Lagos.

But much more, I would highlight the 5 key factors that can help to solve this congestion and associated challenges, which have become a daily ordeal for residents, commuters, and businesses in the area.


Before then, some backgrounds are needful.  Akowonjo, was once a peaceful and well-organised community, but is now plagued by worsening traffic conditions that severely impact the quality of life and economic activities. The gridlock has reached alarming levels, causing significant inconvenience, wasted time, and frayed nerves for everyone involved. Pedestrians, motorists, and public transportation users alike suffer the brunt of this issue, facing endless delays, missed appointments, and a diminished sense of well-being.

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The root causes of this worsening traffic menace in Akowonjo are multifaceted and require immediate attention, but here are the 6 key factors:

1.Rapid urbanisation: Rapid urbanisation and population growth in the area has led to increased vehicular density without the corresponding expansion of road infrastructure. Moreover, the absence of efficient traffic management systems exacerbates the situation, leaving commuters at the mercy of chaotic intersections and congestion hotspots.

  1. Infrastructure Development: It is imperative to invest in the expansion and maintenance of road networks in Akowonjo. New roads, flyovers, and alternative routes should be constructed to provide relief and alleviate congestion points.
  2. Traffic Management Systems: Deploying advanced traffic management systems, such as intelligent traffic lights, CCTV cameras, and real-time traffic monitoring, would enhance efficiency and ensure smoother traffic flow. Additionally, employing well-trained traffic personnel to manage intersections and enforce traffic rules is crucial.

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4. Public Transportation Improvement: Enhancing the efficiency, reliability, and capacity of public transportation services, such as buses and trains, would incentivize people to switch from private vehicles, thereby reducing the overall number of cars on the road.

5. Community Awareness and Education: Initiating awareness campaigns on traffic rules, responsible driving, and the benefits of carpooling and public transportation would foster a culture of road safety and reduce the strain on the road network.

6. Future Planning: Urban planners and policymakers need to anticipate future traffic demands and incorporate sustainable and long-term solutions into their development plans. This should involve a holistic approach, considering factors such as public transportation, pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, and adequate parking facilities.

By implementing these measures, we can alleviate the menace of traffic in Akowonjo and restore a sense of normalcy to the lives of its residents and commuters. I appeal to the concerned authorities, including the Lagos State Government and Alimosho Local Government, to prioritize this issue and work collaboratively towards finding lasting solutions.


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Furthermore, I urge the media, including Punch Newspapers, to continue shedding light on this issue and advocating for the improvement of infrastructure and traffic management systems in Akowonjo. Through sustained coverage and public discourse, we can create the necessary pressure for positive change.

Let us envision a future where the residents of Akowonjo can move freely, businesses thrive, and quality of life improves. It is high time we address this worsening traffic menace in the Akowonjo so as to restore the vibrancy that once characterised this community.