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Concern About Increasing Air Pollution In Ojuelegba



air pollution

I am writing to express my concern about the increasing air pollution in Ojuelegba. The air quality in this area is becoming worse day by day, and it is affecting the health of the residents.

The pollution is caused by a number of factors including the traffic on the road and the emission of pollutant from factories and industries. The smoke and fumes from these sources are making it difficult for people to breathe and are causing respiratory problems especially in children and elderly.

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I urge the government and relevant authorities to take immediate action to address this problem. They should enforce stricter regulations on the sources of pollution and implement measures to reduce the amount of emission.


They should also promote the use of cleaner energy sources such as solar power and encourage people to use public transport or bicycles instead of cars.

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Stopping this increasing air pollution is the responsibility of all of us to protect the environment and the health of our citizens. This means, that the concerned authorities should begin to think in terms of air pollution control also. I hope that you will give this issue the attention it deserves and that we can work together to find a solution to this problem.



Aisha Yusuf

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Lucas Juliana

    July 4, 2023 at 6:48 am

    To the Editor, The Eagle News media.
    I write to bring to your notice sir, the irrational and disgusting experience residents and passers-by at Supa-ileepo Abeokuta expressway are under going.

    Supa-ileepo road has become devastatingly bad. From the road breakage, to the refuse dump area, the slightly broken petroleum pipes and flooding, that road has now become abandoned for only passers-by, as motorists use the BRT narrow lane which causes traffic.
    The disgust is so unbearable, and there is no proper drainage for the water and some traders display their stall close to this road.

    The area is environmentally polluted. The smell coming from the refuse dump area is unbearable. The alarming issue is, it is a big market and needed consumables are sold there.

    I would suggest the authorities in regarding Supa-Ileepo oke Odo, to do some something about the refuse dump area, tar the road, look for the broken pipes and repair them.
    IT should also build a good big drainage to allow efficient flow of water in the environment.

    Therefore, I urge the Editor of The Eagle News media, to please publish this observation so that those concerned can do something.

    Thank you as you attend to this as urgently as possible.

    Juliana Lucas.

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