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I Suspected Something Bad Had Happened To My Sister And Started Crying



Yesterday, residents of Olowo Street, in the Alhaja Shifiwa area of Dopemu, Agege, Lagos State were thrown into confusion following the gruesome murder of one Tina Ileogben.

Ileogben who was a baker until the unfortunate incident had missed a day at work, which prompted her company’s supervisor to request a colleague to check up on her.

Not being able to reach her on the phone, the colleagues proceeded to go to her flat.  It was when the colleague got to her flat, met the door open and entered that he saw her lifeless remains on the bed.

“The person who perpetrated the crime slit her throat, put a hand into her neck to access her chest and removed her heart. People saw some of her intestines around her neck and a doctor who was also at the crime scene confirmed that her heart had been taken away.”


Ileogben’s elder sister, Justina, said her sister was raped before she was killed, adding that her sister’s blood was visible in her flat.

She said, “I am dead already. I was at home when I received a call informing me that my sister had fallen and they needed my presence. I quickly rushed to her house and saw a lot of people there.

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“I suspected something bad had happened, started crying and rushed to my shop. I later summoned the courage to go into her flat to find out what happened to her and saw her corpse.

“Blood stains were on the floor, wall, and her bed. When I looked closer at her corpse, I saw that the person raped her before killing her. The person used a knife to slit her throat and her heart was also removed from her chest.”

Justina, while demanding justice, urged men of the state police command to track down the suspect responsible for her sister’s death.