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We Quickly Exhumed Our Daughter’s Corpse After Receiving A Mysterious Call From Someone Saying…



As a final attempt and act of faith, the family of 24-year-old María López has explained why they exhumed their daughter’s corpse, following a mystery call from her cellphone.

The Nicaraguan woman died on February 11 at New Dawn Hospital in the Caribbean coast town of Waspam and was buried February 12, according to local outlet SNC.

However, on February 15, her parents had her coffin dug out from her burial site at a cemetery after someone called their daughter’s cellphone claiming López ‘was still alive.’

López’s body was removed from the coffin and taken to the family residence, where she was bathed with salt, vinegar, and lemons, and then placed on a bed as family and friends held a vigil.


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A New Dawn Hospital doctor visited the home after some family members raised the idea that López was pregnant, but the physician tested her and confirmed that she was dead.

Waspam’s city risk management director Kenny Mayorga said the family was not convinced by the doctor and opted for her to ‘be examined by a traditional doctor and rule out that she is dead, because they claim that the girl (had) tears and sweat to her forehead.’


The family held prayer services for five days, in hopes that López would somehow resuscitate.

Her parents and close family members then took López’s body to a fasting and prayer center for a ceremony as it started to show signs of decomposition. She was later laid to rest for a second time on Monday.