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Divorce Scare: 43 Year Old Polygamist Axes Wife To Death



43 year old polygamist

Fear of being ditched by one his wives had led a 43 year old polygamist to do the unthinkable: he has axed the said wife to death.

Shockingly, he carried out this act right in the presence of a member of the community, whom the wife had taken along to serve the husband, the divorce note.

The man identified as Victor Sungababwa had been married to 33 year old Atrina Munsaka for 10 years before the relationship went sour.


Report says the man married Atrina as second wife in 2013, but they could only stay together as husband and wife for two years as the marriage hit the rock in 2015.

Subsequently, Atrina decided to formalise the divorce by approaching the Bbilili Local Court in the Kaloma district of Southern Zambia.

But to Atrina’s surprise, Sungababwa refused to accept the summon when she served him on Saturday, reports the Zambian Observer.


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Things however turned worse yesterday when the woman went back yesterday morning around 06:00 hours escorted by a member of the Choma District a Community Crime Prevention Unit (CCPU).

Sungababwa cunningly asked his estranged wife and her accomplice to wait, but by the time he re-emerged, it was with a shocker.


He was armed with an axe with which he proceeded to attack his wife, driving the weapon right into her head, killing her instantly.

 He reportedly left the woman in a pool of her blood, and tried to kill himself by gulping a poisonous chemical.

Whereas he succeeded in killing his estranged wife, he was quickly stopped.


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Sungababwa was apprehended by the CCPU and taken to Choma General Hospital where he has admitted under police guard awaiting a murder charge.

Zambia Police Service spokesperson Rae Hamoonga confirmed the incident in a statement.


Shocked neigbours are still trying to understand why a 43 Year Old Polygamist would decide to axe his estranged wife to death, and then attempt to take his own life.