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Update on Eko Electricity Distribution Company EKEDC New Equipment Connection Request



Eko Electricity Distribution Company

This update on EKEDC New Equipment Connection Request is published to help Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) customers have the best experience connecting their equipment.

It comes with important background information; read on:

  1. What is NECR? – The New Equipment Connection Request is a web portal that automates the processes by which Applicants submit their requests for new transformer installations and commissioning.
  2. What Is The Target of The NECR? – NECR aims to close the gaps in the onboarding process of Key Customer Group Clients.
  3. How Many Applications Will EKEDC Process Per KCG Customer? – Applicants can only submit one application for a given Project.

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  1. What Is The Objective For The New Equipment Connection Request Portal? – Applicants no longer need to submit written applications (or any paper document) for new connection requests to EKEDC offices.
  2. After Filling the Application, What Next? – Upon validation of the online application (Please note your reference/Application Number) the details will be forwarded to the responsible Project Manager who will contact the customer for installation in accordance with the specified plan.
  3. Who is applicant? Whether you are applying directly or on behalf of a client, the applicant is the prospective customer (the owner) that will use the equipment at the proposed location. The applicant is EKEDC prospective customer that will receive bill for the energy delivered to the equipment upon commissioning
  4. Can I fill my details as applicant? Yes, if you are the owner of the equipment and/or property at which the equipment is to be installed. The details will be registered with the Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) for billing and other electricity related business only.  READ ALSO: Electricity Supply Challenges: Can Solar Be Nigerians’ Expected Messiah?
  5. Can I fill my details as a contractor in place of the applicant?- No, fill the details of your client only. Contractor’s details should be provided on the licensed contractor section only.
  6. Can I select more than one electricity equipment?- Yes.
  7. Will I sign connection agreement for each of the equipment? No, one connection agreement will contain details of the added equipment.
  8. What is evidence of authority and why do I need it?- To confirm the services of the contractor as been employed to carry out this project on behalf of the applicant.


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