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Step Down If Now Bereft Of Ideas, Ajadi Slams APC Leadership




The All Progressive Congress (APC) government should step down from office if it no longer has ideas to advance the course of the nation.

This is the stance of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) gubernatorial candidate in Ogun State, Ambassador Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo.

Ajadi’s assertion is coming on the heels of a supposed appeal by the APC National Publicity Secretary, Felix Morka.


The later had, on a Channels Television programme urged opposition presidential candidates to provide ideas to President Bola Tinubu instead of slamming its actions.

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Ajadi, while reacting described the call as ironical, and lacking in sincerity.


He said given the loud boast of the ruling party to effectively steer the course of the nation rightly, that it could not turn around now to supposedly seek help from quarters it had described as lacking in ideas.

According to Ajadi, there had been no doubt that the APC government was not interested in bringing value to the Nigerian populace, but in just occupying political office, in fulfilment of personal desires as espoused in the saying: “Emi l’oko (It is my turn)

According to him, any government based on just “it is my turn”, would obviously not factor the genuine interests of the masses, but the interest of the few who lead it.


 Ajadi wondered why Nigerians should be going through its current experience when there was a government in power, declaring that the APC had, without doubt, failed.

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“We cannot afford anymore to see our fellow citizens dying of hunger. It is not just about one party man making half-hearted statements in covering the party’s inefficiency, but a sincere turnaround to seek a way out of the woods for Nigeria”.


He said he had personally, advised the APC government to genuinely and urgently marshal Nigerian experts from diverse backgrounds, with the intent of finding solutions to the problems bothering the nation, since evidently, it had not the willpower nor the technical knowhow to bring the country out of the woods.

“If truly Mr. President is ready to develop the nation and not pretending to be the Messiah, he should consult the experts in all the spheres needed for the development of the country, as other sincere leaders would do,” he emphasised.

“There should be sincerity about it, and I know that there are capable Nigerians to join in such a move to redeem their fatherland”.


In direct reference to Morka’s dismissal of criticisms from opposition candidates like Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi, Ambassador Ajadi pinpointed the APC’s failure to develop Nigeria and stressed the importance of essential infrastructure for citizens.

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Addressing the economic concerns raised by Morka, Ambassador Ajadi expressed his dismay over Nigeria’s economy, labeling it a “national embarrassment.”


In a poignant statement, Ambassador Ajadi declared, “Power is not do-or-die affairs, and if you are tired of how to govern the country, you can resign.” This resonates with his call for a reevaluation of leadership and a renewed commitment to addressing the pressing issues facing the nation.

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