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Ambassador Ajadi Extols Deputy, Alhaja Shakirat Idris-Arowolo’s Political Prowess At Birthday



Alhaja Shakirat Idris-Arowolo
Alhaja Shakirat Idris-Arowolo

By Ibrahim Kegbegbe

Today February 11, is the birthday celebration of Alhaja Shakirat Idris-Arowolo, hard-working and compassionate running mate of Ambassador Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, and the felicitations are flowing in from within and without the Ogun political environment.

Ambassador Ajadi, standard bearer of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) in the state, has taken out time to greet his deputy.


In a passionately-worded message, Ambassador Ajadi commended Alhaja Shakirat Idris-Arowolo for her outstanding role as the NNPP Deputy Gubernatorial Candidate in the 2023 General Election, describing her as dependable.

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He acknowledged her exemplary conduct, industry and stabilising qualities, particularly noting her motherly disposition in her dealings with all within the party.


“You have indeed, shown yourself as a dependable and trustworthy deputy all these while, and I cannot but wish you well at this auspicious time of your birthday”, Ajadi said, recalling how Alhaja Shakirat Idris-Arowolo had all shown utmost care about party members’ welfare

“You are the stuff that motherly politicians are made of, and I know that given the opportunity, you will bring great value to the job of governance of our state.

“My prayer for you is many more years in good health, prosperity, and a life filled with abundance.”


“Happy Birthday to a remarkable political icon whose dedication and leadership continue to inspire us all. Your unwavering commitment to public service has left an indelible mark on the nation, especially our state, Ogun.

Wishing you a day filled with joy, reflection, and the appreciation you truly deserve,” he said.

The Eagle reports that the celebrant has indeed brought a lot of political value to the internal mechanisms of the NNPP in Ogun State


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Aside being a dependable deputy to the Ambassador Ajadi, she had usually demonstrated understanding of the peculiar needs of women and children in the gateway state, helping to envision a an NNPP-led government in the state whereby citizens’ welfare would truly occupy the driver’s seat.