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Scientists Say Why You Should Wear Red More Often



Studies have shown that wearing red might give you a boost of confidence.

A study carried out by researchers from Germany and published in 2017, had 180 university students wear either a red or blue shirt. In two of the three experiments, participants were told to sit in front of a mirror and observe their own reflections before completing a survey. In the third, participants took photos of themselves instead of looking at their reflections.

Due to the fact that red draws the eye’s attention, students who wore red subsequently rated themselves higher in attractiveness and sexual appeal than students who wore blue.


However, researchers noted that this may have certain limitations. People who feel insecure may feel worse when wearing red as the colour might bring unwanted attention to them.

Here are other reasons why you should wear red:

Increases one’s attractiveness

In a groundbreaking 2008 study, psychologists Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta Kayser found out that women view men in red as higher in status, more likely to make money, and more likely to “climb the social ladder”, which they presented as an underlying reason for the so-called “red effect”.  Also, men also view women as more attractive and sexually desirable when they wear red lipstick, a red dress, etc.


Gives a competitive edge

While the red colour had been associated with higher levels of testosterone and dominance in many animal species, scientists have shown that the bold colour is a sexually selected trait among certain lizards, fish and monkeys, to name a few. Even humans may benefit from similar competitive advantage, especially in sports.

So if you ever run out of colours to shop for, you now know which to get.

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