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How To Be An Irresistible Woman To Every Man




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    Show her that you respect her. Don’t kiss her if she doesn’t want to be kissed. Instead of trying to get things out of her, think about what you can give her. However if you make her your everything, girls sometimes get turned off by that. Women do like to be the center of attention once in a while though.

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    Be honest. Don’t play games; unless the girl is really insecure she doesn’t just want to hear you flatter her. Do what you can to catch and keep her attention, but don’t play with her mind or her heart. Once you lose a woman’s trust, it’s near impossible to regain.

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    Be honest about your own interests. Women can understand if you like comics! In some cases relate to it, but if that’s all you talk about then you need to hit the road. If you aren’t sure how to connect with a female you can always ask what her interests are and try to relate to them!

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    Do not play too hard to get. Girls can’t stand to think that you possibly don’t want them, but that isn’t all that goes across their mind. They have a life and there just might be other guys, or girls so if you’re going to play the game, look up the rules.

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    Smell great. Wear cologne that smells really good. The scent of a man is really important to women. We are very, very repelled by men who smell not so good. Just make sure that you do not use too much; a little bit is good but over-applying makes her want to run away holding her nose.

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    Be funny. Tell good jokes but do not try too hard. Experiment; find out what makes other people laugh and see if she reacts the same. Even if it does not make her giggle, you will be one step closer to learning how to make her laugh. But be warned: Some girls may laugh at something that they find so incredibly offensive, that they’re really laughing at you for even believing that the joke itself was funny. Or they giggle because they’re feeling uncomfortable. Watch your words carefully. A vast majority of girls really hate ‘dead baby’ and other similar jokes, but may laugh still, no matter how offended they are, for your benefit. Again, they may be laughing because they are just so astounded at the stupidity of the joke. So definitely watch the rest of their face for an expression, and don’t go for the laughs alone.

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    Compliment a girl the right way. Watch closely when you are around her. You can probably tell from, for example, how romantic and sappy she is, say on Valentine’s Day, or is she adorns her folders with cute animals and hearts. If she does, she probably likes it if people are sappy to her. In this case, lay on the compliments, but do not get too overboard. If you find out that she does not do any of these things, she might find it strange, creepy and intimidating if you compliment her too much. Keep the compliments subtle but nice and compliment her one feature that she would not think you would notice.

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    Smile. The best thing that boys can do is smile. It helps if you have a nice smile and she definitely will love it to see you smile and see that you know how to lighten up. Be happy, though; do not take life too seriously and show her that you can laugh and you are exciting.

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    Be there for her…but when she needs you to be. Do not totally stalk her and listen to all of her conversations, but when she looks upset or sad, gently ask her if she is okay and try to help her cheer up. Try to use some of the techniques from Step Three to make her laugh. She will like you so much more if she knows that you are always on hand with a big smile and a caring heart.

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    Be daring. Be adventurous, exciting, and spontaneous.
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    Be social. Do not let her think that if she stops talking to you that will be the end of the world. This sounds kind of bad but do not just stick to her. Live freely. Do not let her think that you are completely stuck on her, even if you are.

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    Be sweet. On Valentine’s day, get her a little teeny gift or a card or something. Don’t worry, she won’t embarrass you if she doesn’t like you back.

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    Be yourself: Be funny and outgoing. Take the teases she teases you with. Be comfortable around her. If you do something weird make a joke out of it.

  15. Look at her and smile back. Usually, a girl who likes you will look at you a lot, especially if you two are in a class together. When you catch her looking or staring at you, look at her back and give her a smile then turn back around.

    Always remember that a girl wants to be loved. If you’re just in the relationship for some “fun”, then you really can’t be what she needs. Remember, guys usually like what they see and what they get, while girls like what they hear and notice. For example, if you listen to her carefully, and you can remember what she tells you, she will probably take notice.

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