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Need to Stop Cattle Herders From Farms



Dear Sir,
My main objective of writing this letter is because I want  to complain about the bad tools and equipment of the farmers and the destruction fulani cows has caused to the farm lands of our farmers.
The farmers in this part of the country needs to be well supported by the government to maintain their farm lands and well tools so as to weed and farm.

Fulani/herdsmen cows and rams do destroy the farmers crops. They bring them to eat from the farm which is meant for human consumption, meanwhile destroying their crops and their hard work. This makes the farmers’investments and hardwork to be in vain.

On the other hand, when any of their cows die or fall sick, tthe Fulani would  be in tears as if they lost their wives and daughters, And at  the end they await the government to help them.


I am therefor pleading for  the government to support the farmers with the farming tools and all the equipment they need to support them and also barn the herdsmen  from crossing  their farm lands anymore.
With this, we will see good changes in our society.Thank You.

Yours Sincerely,

Obi Lydia.


Ogba Lagos

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