Quote me; if Buhari thinks he can bamboozle the Yoruba people with that, he has failed…..use this (June 12 declaration) to bamboozle us and yet, you say you are a democrat. ……he can change Christmas Day to June 12, that doesnt mean that they wont get rid of him in 2019.” Ayo Adebanjo” https://www.google.com.ng/amp/s/punchng.com/june-12-declaration-buhari-shouldnt-think-yoruba-are-fools-ayo-adebanjo/amp/

We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow.”Henry John Temple Palmerston; House of Commons, March 1, 1848.


……and Buhari was commended!  But beneath this fragile commendation of paper made to look like concrete, that covers his crafty tact of deception, is the deep well of Buhari’s unitary and fascist state, where he intends to drown democracy and federalism, in his water resources bill, for his preferred score line of 3-2!

Nepotism+Fascism+a Unitary State=3, (minus) Democracy+Federalism=2..

The bill seeks to abrogate all the existing laws and institutions governing the management of water resources across the country with a view to bringing the resources under federal control. The bill, which expressly violates the Land Use Act, provides that All surface water and groundwater wherever it occurs, is a resource common to all people, the use of which is subject to statutory control. There shall be no private ownership of water but the right to use water in accordance with the provisions of this Act.http://www.tribuneonlineng.com/amp/the-water-resources-bill

Yet for all this evidence, the ostrich from Southern Nigerian bury their heads in the sands of the subjugated future of their children, in search of federalism drown in Buhari’s deep well of internal colonialism!



Some are loyal to a person for their position

But when position goes, so do they

Where position goes so do they

Many a loyal person, end their loyalty with persecution

But a few begin with it.

Many a loyal person end their loyalty with death, but some don’t.

Loyalty is the disappearing virtue in contemporary Nigerian politics, Rotimi Amaechi, made the point crystal clear, with his infamous disrespect to his principal, Peter Otunuya Odili, when he replaced him as the Executive governor of Rivers State, only for his own protégé; Ezenwo Nyesom Wike, the current Executive Governor of Rivers State, to pay him back with the very same disrespectful coin of disloyalty, he showed to Odili his boss….what went around indeed came around.

Jimitota Onoyume, captured Odili’s lamentations over Amaechi, in his December 29, 2014 interview in the Vanguard this way:

He said: We thought we did the right thing by supporting Amaechi to become the governor of the state…..With all the best intentions, we supported his political career and ambition……As you know, until a man has power and has money, you dont really know him” ,https://www.vanguardngr.com/2014/12/regret-supporting-amaechi-governor-odili/

While we congratulate President Mohammed Buhari for putting the records straight, the credit  for the goal he scored, is clearly Tinubu’s.

Tinubu has demonstrated loyalty to his boss even in death. Exactly 19 years and a month after his death, this honour to Abiola is clearly Tinubu’s credit and reward for loyalty. His principal, Abiola died on July 7, 1998.

Tinubu has shown loyalty to his boss in death, the way Shola Omole as the boss of NTA showed his boss, Vincent Maduka (who is still alive) long after the old man had retired.

Another manifestation of loyalty was Col. Mustapha Dennis Onoyiveta, President Umaru Yar’Adua’s  Southsouthern  (Urhobo) ADC from Delta State. Olusegun Adeniyi on the 185th page of his 2011, Kachifo published biography of the late President, captured Onoyiveta’s loyalty this way:

“….there were whispers that the Nigerian president had nearly collapsed at the airport….Till today, it remains a mystery to me how the ADC successfully moved the president away from the tarmac, a fairly long distance. His only response when I asked him later that day was a terse, ‘I am a military officer’ “.

Tinubu is one loyalist to his principal, Abiola, in Life and Death; across the various phases Abiola went through, Tinubu’s loyalty to his boss was as formidable as the rock of Gibraltar. From when he ran for the presidency, to the annulment, to the post annulment crisis (When the respected Gani Fawehimi) joined the train, when many fair-weather friends of Abiola got off, in their flights of fear for life, Tinubu persisted to his death and burial, to this honour and finally the defining moment, when the Abiola family paid a visit of appreciation to him

Tinubu demonstrated one clear moral virtue, that is a persona non grata, among politicians. It is called…….LOYALTY!


…..and Abiola was finally honoured, and so was Gani Fawehinmi! Buhari stands commended. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Professor Wole Soyinka, Iyorchia Ayu, Ameh Ebute, Agunwa Anekwe, Mr. Femi Falana, Comrade Frank Ovie Kokori; Prof. Humphrey Nwosu amongst others were invited to the occasion of the investiture of June 12 as the new democracy day; most commendable.


Beneath Buhari’s Greek gift and diversionary tactic, which all governments drifting in the direction of failure resort to, is a deep ethnic/religeous deception.  General Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri Castelli, the Argentine leader between December 22, 1981 and June 18, 1982, is an example. He sought to use the 2nd of April 1982, Argentine invasion and capture of the Falklands islands from Britain, which he renamed Malvinas, to boost his popularity, but by June 14 1982, it was over, Argentina was defeated.

It was a diversionary tactic to gain public support that resulted in the 1982 war, in which he was defeated by the British. The economist reported:

Argentina was going through one of its regular periods of high inflation and poor growth. A united opposition was demanding a return to democracy. Day after day crowds gathered outside the Casa Rosada, the presidential palace in Buenos Aires, to jeer at the general. The protests were largely forgotten when he announced that Argentina was to seize the Falklands,”https://www.economist.com/node/1534686.

A classic case of diversion!

Just the way Galtieri hid his incompetent leadership under the Falklands invasion, for popular support, Buhari is hiding the killings by Fulani herdsmen and his abuse of rule of law in the Benue valley of blood, (where he is the Anarchist-in-Chief) under the honour to Abiola and Gani Fawehimi, so Galtieri’s hostile crowd building up against him can disperse.

Again  on June 12, 2012, President Jonathan deployed the same diversionary tactics of an administration losing popularity, to gain popularity. He renamed UNILAG, Moshood Abiola University, a badly planned move for his reelection bid, like Galtieri before him, he failed!

Buhari’s recognition of June 12 is diversionary tactic, from a desperate fascist regime. Beneath the diversion of public attention lies a diabolical plot by the president to:


  • Weakening Federalism, by strengthening our failed and disuniting Unitary system by his offensive water resources bill.
  • He is sabotaging democracy and the rule of law by invitation to anarchy through his Defence minister who again called for suspension of the anti grazing law in Benue.

This Abiola move, is a clear diversionary tactic of deception, with 2019 in view, just the way he used what has turned out to be his cheap paint on rusty iron anti corruption fight.

Buhari has chosen the path of Galtieri, Jonathan and even Hitler, who occupied Rhineland in 1936 for popular support, they all failed! Will Buhari be different? Ayo Adebanjo doesn’t think so!!

POLITICS FOR THE FASCIST:…..politics for the fascist, is the strategy of deception for reception, Buhari’s infamous plagiarized words of Charles de Gaulle, made the point when he said:

“I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody”



Tinubu’s strategic approach for achieving his goal by the strategy of losing the battle to win the war paid off.

… War is the sum total of different locational points of conflict. He chose to loose the battle by being silent on June 12, the minute the PDP was removed;  no celebrations, nothing! Only to strike out of the blind angle, with the accuracy of General Erich von Manstein, the German World War II General, whose brilliant ideas resulted in the defeat of France by Germany within 7 weeks  of  Battle, just the way Tinubu struck from a blind angle at the PDP (the strongest political force on the African Continent) in 2015. France up till that time was the strongest military force in the world, just the way the PDP was in Africa, (many thanks to our population). Tinubu like Manstein defeated them.

Anthony Livesey, in his beautifully finished hard covered, artwork of a book titled:

“Battles of the Great Commanders”, had this to say:

“The military historian Basil Liddel Hart has described Erich von Manstein as ‘the Allies’ most formidable military opponent, a man who combined modern ideas of manoeuvre, a mastery of technical detail, and great driving power.’ ”

If Von Manstien did it on the European military stage, Tinubu reproduced it on the African political stage

When it comes to strategy, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been able to reproduce the strategic brilliance of Eric Von Manstien.

If there ever was an Eric Von Manstien prize for strategy,  Bola Ahmed Tinubu would be the nominee, with the final vote for the 2018 edition.

His deft political strike, can best be captured by the combined bicycle kicks of Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale!

Like C. Ronaldo, he reduced Obasanjo to goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon of Juventus when he transfixed him; speechless!  Just the way Ronaldo climbed into the air, for his historical  rendezvous with the ball, changing its trajectory to the net….to the utter amazement of the spectators, reducing Buffon to an executive spectator who watched the ball as it went right past him, and compelling Obasanjo to act the role of Buffon, on the historic stage of the renaissance of June 12.

Like Gareth Bale, he again reduced the same Obasanjo to goalkeeper Loris Karius of Liverpool, who cost his team the 2018 Champions League trophy. The symbolic significance of both goals, was the dual recognition of June 12 as the new democracy day and the high national honours for the men; Abiola, and Gani Fawehimi,  not excluding Abiola’s vice.

…it was Tinubu’s brace, from the boot of Buhari that made the difference. Jonathan’s earlier attempt was an offside attempt, even at that, the ball went well over the bar, with his UNILAG turned Moshood Abiola University blunder.

Tinubu’s deft move, that resulted in the new found honour for June 12, was graphically illustrated by Theo Walcott’s solo move against Liverpool, (https://youtu.be/V-5j2k6yTyo) when he single handedly took out the entire defence system of Liverpool, only to pass the ball to Emmanuel Adebayo, who like Buhari took the glory for a goal he didn’t work for. Buhari is a clear reproduction of his boss Obasanjo, whom he clearly set out to ridicule, with the June 12 democratic switch. Obasanjo showed up to end the civil war after Benjamin Adekunle had done the dirty job, in the graphic order of Paolo Rossi’s 57th minute goal that opened the scoring in Italy’s 3-1, 1982 final world cup defeat of Germany, that illustrated the point.



Obasanjo, Yar’Adua and Jonathan had the 16 year chance to do it,  they didn’t, but Buhari, who has no public record of support for June 12, did it in three years. By the leadership maxim that says:

everything rise and falls on leadership”; Buhari gets the credit!




Until the permanent strategic interest that changes the identities of the individuals who sustain it since the 1960’s is identified, and confronted, that Interest would probably add Tinunu some day (by the hindsight of anthropology) to a list that started with Afonja that includes Abiola.

Henry John Temple Palmerston’s point, made on March 1, 1848 in the House of Commons,must be understood clearly:

We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow.” 

It should be noted in the spirit of Palmerston’s words, that those who used and dumped Tinubu to win the 2015 election are the same people honouring Abiola, but praised corrupt Abacha who jailed him,  while claiming to fight corruption!




Joseph Wantu and Julius Osahon, reported on June 8 2018, the following in the Guardian:

“The Benue State government has faulted the call by the Minister of Defence, Brig.-Gen. Mansur Dan Ali, asking for the suspension of anti-open grazing laws in states.  The Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Lawrence Onoja Jnr, told reporters yesterday in Makurdi that herdsmen invaded Tse Zongu settlement in Mbagwen Ward on Wednesday night, killing nine persons, including two students, who were at the village to write the ongoing National Examination Council (NECO) test.  His words: From the timing of the killings, these militia herdsmen must have been encouraged by the unfortunate statement of the defence minister who had just two days ago, suggested the suspension of the anti-open grazing law.”



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