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Akinwunmi Ambode: The Historic 1 Million Man March Is Finally Here



Otunba Abass

In this write-up, our columnist, OTUNBA T.J ABASS, the Aremo of Epeland, takes a look at the upcoming 1 million man march scheduled for Epe on June 16, in support of the second term bid of the Governor of Lagos, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode, and submits that it would be epochal indeed

Epe, one of Lagos’ sprawling neighbourhoods, and home-place of its hardworking governor, His Excellency, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode is wearing an infectious charm. You could feel it in the air, and sense it in the animated chats of the average party you encounter. Even hospitality outfits appear to have dusted their precincts, and  pepped up their menus in readiness for the hordes of humans that would be converging on the town shortly.

The reason is clear: it is a few hours to the holding of the famed I Million Man March in the town, an event being spearheaded by the Omo Epe Duro Fun Ambode, to back his second term bid in office.

Not only is the historic and novel, it is unprecedented  politically and otherwise. To wit, the way and manner the event has caught on is instructive, clearly indicative of the welcome and appreciative stance of the people to the governor’s first stanza run.


The grassroots’ mobilisation efforts have been awesome, given that the traditional rulers themselves have endorsed the march and are doing everything to mobilse their people towards the event.

This is complimented by the political class, students and youths, all of whom have latched onto the march as a rallying point of sorts not to even mention the level of enthusiasm that the proposed  I Million Man March  has generated among the market women . In fact, our reporter on ground to cover the proceedings of the march, observed indeed that Epe had become a beehive.

Virtually everyone you sight is occupied with one chore or another towards the march. At some of the markets, the leaders, having properly interpreted the march, and in consideration of the impact of the governor thus far, are putting everything to ensure a massive success.


The level of excitement generated in the community as a result of the proposed rally is comparable to what the community experienced in 2015 when it was very apparent that one of their own, for the first time, was about to be sworn in as the 1st democratically elected Governor of Nigeria’s most populous state. Ambode hit the ground running and has since sunk an array of impactful and life–oriented projects across the state, but particularly in Epe division..

Now, the question could be asked: what next?  A two-prong answer would suffice here. First, is that, all Epe sons and daughters should indeed embrace this march as a major turning point in their journey to political and socio-economic eldorado. Politically, they would gain more relevance, and economically, they would be on the road to regaining the lost industrialisation drive. One could easily remember the era when the plywood industry, lamp manufacturing as well as boat yard blossomed in the division.

Second, by coming out massively on Saturday, Epe would have started her move to the next critical phase –  the industrialisation of the town – which would help in job creation as  well as help the fight against youth delinquency.


The thinking that politics and indeed voting is “for them “should be jettisoned. This is because Epe’s present and future welfare is at stake.

If she mobilises well, the march would indeed be a historic success.

Major points to note concerning the June 16, march


First, it is actually in the interest of the Epe Division more than it is for anything else. A son of the soil is doing marvellously well in office, and this march is an acknowledgement of that point. It is germane to mobilising massive votes from Epe, and putting her in the forefront of state government agenda in terms of development.

Kudos to the administration for the impressive road network now in the division, but other things on the queue include development of the energy sector, agriculture, Information technology and education.

This is why the vision of the organisers of the march, coordinated by Princess Bolanle Kassim, the executives and all those that have worked tirelessly towards the success of this march need to be commended, because its impact would outlive generations.


It is also important because Epe Division needs the march more than Ambode does. This is because with or without the march, Ambode would return as his good deeds will speak for him. We would not only pray for him, but also do other things necessary for the retention of the mandate.

Already, the opposition camps are trembling. They are out of strategies, and we should cash in on this to advantage.

I also use this medium to appeal to the political class in Epe division not to accentuate the dichotomy of the division, exploiting small differences to their selfish advantages.   It is definitely not the time for discordant voices, but a time when all hands must be on the deck till the mandate is fully delivered. Afterall, when different colours and sizes of Ghanamustgo  bags were sitting comfortably in the trunk of some people’s cars, we did not hear agitations.


Why then should it be now that Omo Epe Duro Fun Ambode – a formidable group comprising distinguished Epe personalities have been demonstrative of the power of togetherness, that such discordant voices should be heard

This is to say to this group of young, vibrant and energetic people, that I stand by you; I identify with your cause. In fact, the entire division, including students’ representatives, the youth, artisans, market women and all stand by you. There, they will lend their voice to a worthy cause and their voices will be heard. To this extent, some have said that more than an endorsement rally, that it is a political stakeholders meeting of a sort, and one cannot but agree more.

I would also like to use this opportunity to wish the governor well as he adds another year, in his already fruitful years on earth. And to all compatriots of Epe, in addition to our prayers, a worth birthday present for him would be a massive turnout for the rally. We owe it, not so much to Ambode, as it is to ourselves, for there is no better way to secure a better future for our sons and daughters.



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