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How I Lured, Killed 7 Ladies For Ritual Through This Popular Hookup App



A suspected ritual killer, Adebayo Olamide Azeez, disclosed how he lured and killed seven women through a dating app, “mychat”.

On Thursday, Azeez, 32, confessed to being a member of a ritualist gang which specialised in killing women and selling their body parts for money rituals.

Narrating how he lured and killed the victims, in the Ogun State Police Command custody, Azeez said, “I got the ladies from MyChat, which is a hookup app. I just told them that I wanted to hook up with them whenever Moses Abidemi Awuraji contacted me that they needed human body parts.

“They will call me and say that they need body parts, I will go on the app and chat with the ladies for a hookup. I didn’t know the ladies before, we didn’t have any conversation before, I only talked to them on the app. I ask if they are available and we negotiate on the amount they want to collect. When we reach an agreement, I will send my address to them and they will come over to me at Atan-Ota.


“I will pick them up and call Moses Abidemi Awuraji that they are around, I will then take them to Moses Abidemi Awuraji’s house in Igbo Olomi, Atan-Ota, and inside his sitting room, we will kill them.

“Abidemi’s wife (Awuraji Mariam) will pin their legs down while I strangle them.

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“I joined the gang in September in 2023 and we have killed seven ladies. These are the ladies that I brought to the house that we killed.

“I don’t know what they use the corpses of the ladies for, my job is just to source for the ladies and bring them in. They don’t usually tell me the amount they will give, at times, they will pay me N30,000, other times, they gave me N40,000.

“I can’t say no to them whenever they ask me to bring the ladies. I don’t know who they sell the body parts to and I don’t ask them about it, my own is just to source the ladies and collect my money.”


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