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Church Girl Challenge: ‘I Have Been Heartbroken’



By Cami Ezenwa

Have you been following the church girl challenge or church boys challenge raving online? It has left someone heartbroken.You may want to wonder why and how?

How would participating in the Church Girl Challenge, something spiritually edifying leave a pretty lady, obviously a discerning Christian lady heartbroken? She explains: Of course I participated in the Church Girl Challenge.

Going through the comments section, it was interesting. The part of the video that got a lot of people’s attention was the fact that I said that I am a church girl, of course I am hard to get.Yes, I am actually hard to get.


Hard to get does not mean I am not going to get married. People came to the comments section, a lot of guys, a lot of girls and they were like, church girl, I want to be your friend: church girl, I am a church boy, let’s go to church together.I saw a lot of amusing comments.

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Okay, I was open to being friends with these people, but one thing with me is that, before I make somebody my friend on social media,, i will go through your page, to see what kind of content you make, what kind of content you update, and all that, so I can keep my spiritual sanity, so I can be seeing edifying things, things that will not water down my spiritual life.


So I decided to go to these people’s pages, people that reached out to me: I did not just understand. Or, let me just say that I was heartbroken, e remain small like that, let tears come out from my eyes, because I was heartbroken.

Reason being that the people that said that they were church boys and church girls, I went to their page and I did not just understand; Let me start with the ladies first, you said you are a church girl and you are doing video – bum shorts, tank top. Or you are making video with a song that I don’t understand where it is coming from, it is not a spiritual song; it is a worldly song and you say you are a church girl.

Please that is not how we church girls behave..Not that “they have started judging us again”.Body of Christ, fellow brothers and sisters, if we don’t tell ourselves the truth, we will be living in deceit.


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Church Girls Challenge contd

How about the brothers?

A lot of brothers; “I am a church minister, “I am a youth pastor,” I am a chorister, “I am a musician in church”; I am this one, I am that one, I am a church boy”, I go to your page and you are vibing to Davido, you are vibing to Burna Boy. You guys will now hop into a trend or challenge that does not portray the light of God in your life as a Christian.

It breaks my heart; it is paining me because that is the order of the day . Today, you don’t even know who is a Christian. You don’t even know who the real church boys and church girls are because of the mixed multitude.


A lot people are sitting on the fence. The Bible says you should love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the father is not in him.

My brother, my sister, you cannot be a church boy or a church girl that is one leg in one leg out. Please, let us know where you stand.

*Reader’s reaction on this fallout from the Church Girl Challenge welcome.

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