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How Nigerian Legislators Promote Armed Robbery, Banditry -Bugaje



Legislators Promote Armed Robbery

Do you know how Nigerian legislators promote armed robbery, banditry and insurgency, the type that Boko Haram is noted for?

A former presidential aide, also considered a controversial opinion holder, Dr Usman Bugaje has come forward to proffer insight.

Bugaje, who fielded questions with Vanguard, said the problem of armed robbery, banditry and insurgency fester because of the actions of the members of the Nigerian legislature.


He said Nigerian legislators promote armed robbery and other vices by refusing to do what they had been elected to do.

He said that rather than ensuring public resources go into developing the communities, that they instead pocket monies appropriated for the purpose, creating hardship and hunger amongst the populace.

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This action, he argued had paused development, creating hunger in the land,

“People are hungry, and they are not being fed. They become frustrated, go to the bush, pick up arms, and start killing innocent people.

“This is what is called horizontal violence because it doesn’t affect the people who are stealing the money and creating all these.


“These legislators are well protected by police with guns all the time. They live in posch places, very secure areas, and they are not affected by that”, Bugaje argued..

Agreeing this role acquiescence as disturbing, Bugaje said it has put the kind of democracy in practice in the country to question.

“Of what use is this democracy if it cannot provide food for the ordinary person? Of what use is this democracy if it cannot provide security?


“Of what use is it if it cannot provide healthcare, good schools for the future of this country? Of what use is it if it cannot meet the expectations of the people?

“The people are now saying to hell with this democracy! What have we gained from it?”

He stated that Nigerian legislators promote armed robbery in that they start “stealing money, impoverishing the country and leaving us high and dry”, immediately they get into office,


Lashing the Bola Tinubu led federal government, for leading Nigeria into a deeper mess, he submitted, it was dwelling unnecessarily on a narrative that the regime before him had created so many problems.

“Yes, this may well be true. But why are you there? Why did you apply for the job?

“So, these are the kinds of things that, if you are there to fix it, you should come up with ideas.


“In my view, I think they have no ideas. I think he should apologise to Nigerians for deepening their woes and bringing a team of people who know.

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“When you bring your relatives and your own close associates and they appear to have clearly failed, you should admit that these people have failed and then open yourself to new ideas”, he stated.


“You are playing with the lives of people. People are dying because of hunger and desperation in the land; people are dying because they can no longer afford to go to the hospitals because of the rising cost of drugs.

“People are dying because they have no hope. Unemployment is increasing, and even those with jobs are in a very big problem because of inflation.

“This trial and error would appear to be the most reckless thing to do in this circumstance”, he said.

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