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Who Should Be A Woman’s Best Friend, Her Husband Or Mother?



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If you look round you, you would cite one or two marriages or relationships going through turbulent times. Sometimes, those challenges have come as a result of bad advice or choices made by partners in the relationship. Today we pick on one: Who actually should be a woman’s best friend, her husband or her mother. Find below what our respondents say:


The mother should be a woman’s best friend because one’s mother is her guardian angel. No matter what the situation may be your guardian angel would not mislead you. Your guardian angel cannot feed you with false information no matter what the situation might be. So, I think that a woman’s best friend should actually be her mother.


Miss Esther Shogbola  – Event Planner


The husband should be a woman’s best friend because once you are married your spouse becomes your closest friend. This is because both of you vowed on the altar to be each other’s best friend, in rainfall, sunshine and the rest. There is no need for you to start hiding things from each other or involving third party in your relationship .


Mr Johnson Alabi  – Civil Servant, Secretariat


I do not know for other people, but for me, my mother is my best friend because she is the only friend with a good hearth who wants my success. I do not see my husband becoming my best friend. We are both strangers trying to get to know each other better everyday.


Miss Oladunmade Adegoke – Alausa


From my perspective, I think both my mother and my husband are my best friends. Both have been very close friends of mine.


There is an adage that says: “Two heads are better than one” and I would need advice from both of them. However, after God, should be my mother, and after my mother is my husband and those are people I open up to.

Mrs Biola Animashaun  Food  vendor



The husband should be the closest friend to a woman. I say so because I am my wife’s closest friend. It is the same with her. We  do not hide issues from each other because once you start that,, there come’s problem in the marriage.

Mr Dauda Ibrahim, Fresh Graduate



The mother should be every woman’s best friend. She has been your friend since inception, so why should you turn the table and start comparing her with a man you met at some point in life who can part ways with you later in the future?.

Mr Akin Olaiya  Lawyer/Teens Leader



The mother and the husband should be the closest friend of a woman; those are the shoulders that raise a woman up. Shoulders in the sense that they are the ones who would always be there for you any time any day when trials comes.  This is where the mistake comes these days, when they allow intruders like friends to lead them astray.

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