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‘When I Felt Most Frightened During The Miss NIJ Beauty Pageant’



Miss NIJ Beauty Pageant

This year’s edition of the Miss NIJ beauty pageant may have come and gone, but the memories still linger.

The pageant, a major highlight of the yearly Students’ Week of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, this year produced a winner in the person of Olusanjo Olubukola Oluwatomilola, a Higher National Diploma (HND) student.

Tomi, in an interaction with The Eagle correspondent, recently, shed light on her fears and expectations during the pageant, telling for example, her most frightening moment in a contest that had several stages and contestants:


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Tomi left, with her predecessor, Favour Mbagwu

My name is Olusanjo Olubukola Oluwatomilola, the winner of 2023 Miss NIJ beauty pageant that held during the students’ week themed Brace Up.

Contesting for the Miss NIJ pageant was such a great experience for me, going for rehearsals back to back for the dance, the walk and everything.

It was a great experience because they brought professional dancers and professional cat walkers to tutor us, so that we would be able to perform well on the stage on that day.


Sometimes, I had body pains getting home at night, after rehearsals.

Miss NIJ 2023, Olusanjo Olubukola Oluwatomilola: Shock at being announced winner

Winning the pageant

I didn’t know I would win, because the other contestants were good as well. Almost everybody knew what they were doing, so it kinda of gave me anxiety and doubt if I would win.

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However, I made sure I did my best and performed well. I was able to gain the heart of the judges and they were impressed. I’m very happy I won.

Most frightening moment

The most frightened moment on stage for me was when the judges were about to announce the winner. I thought too far. I was just wondering: what would happen if I didn’t win; who will they announce as the winner?


But thank God I won. I am so happy I won the Miss NIJ beauty pageant.  

Since winning, I now see myself as a celebrity, because anywhere I enter in school, it is “Miss NIJ is here”; it gladdens my heart.

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I’m from Abeokuta Ogun State, I am 25 years Old, the 3rd child of the family.

The reason I chose NIJ as my school is because the school specialises in the training of Journalists and other professionals in the field of Mass Communication, which is what I want.


My desire is to be a professional media personnel, and NIJ is the best school for me.

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