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Valentine’s Day: 10 Best Emotional Messages For Loved Ones



Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, a day known globally as lover’s day. One of the things that characterise Valentine’s Day celebrations every year, is the sharing of love messages.

Even if you are unable to share your emotional feelings to loved ones, this is one day that you must do so.

But then, it is better to do it hitting the centre of emotions, hence these Valentine’s Day 10 best emotional messages for loved ones.

  1. This is the moment I have waited for all these while, to share with you my fond feelings towards you: please, give me a chance to prove how deep and caring these feelings are
  2.  Yes, red is the color of love and white that of purity. I am sending these two to you, to say: my love for you is pure, and anything pure conquers all.
  3. With you is where I want to be today and always, please accept me. READ ALSO: ‘I’m In Love With A Nigerian Internet Fraudster’
  4. I am sick today, not in my bodies, but in my heart. I have been told the cure for it: your words, your presence. Help me to get well
  5. Ever since I met you, I have seen my life become more meaningful. I live each day full of energy, and it is simply because I always feel you around me. Happy Valentine’s Day
  6. If only I can cut this long distance. If only I could pick up wings and fly, faster than an aeroplane, free from the restraint of parents and guardians, perhaps, today would have been a fulfilling day for me. However, my love for you remains, beyond every restraint. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  7.  The colours are everywhere around me. But there is no meaning to colours without you, expect my gentle knock on your door my love, soon, just very soon. READ ALSO: Foreign Exchange Market: CBN Rolls Out Dos & Don’t For Commercial Banks
  8. Twelve months have passed since that memorable meeting by the eatery where I had gone to moan in loneliness, only to see you walk in. whatever gave you the boldness to accost me; I thank God for it. I am happy today because you are in my life, happy val
  9. It’s val day, it’s our day. Valentine’s Day is indeed ours to cherish, ours to bash in. Happy valentine’s Day, Dayo
  10. I want memories, I want love, I am here to say, I now accept you not just for Val, but for ever. Happy Valentine’s Day.
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