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Sex-for-marks scandal: the conversation between the professor and female student



Find below, the text of the conversation between the female student of the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) and her professor demanding sex for marks:

Leaked, phone conversation between a student and a mark-for-sex professor


Prof:                      Me that agreed, I know what I mean, so, if you don’t trust me then forget it.


Student:              It is not that I don’t trust you, but need assurance.

Prof:                      Continue looking for assurance, I f I won’t do it, why will give you an audience in the first instance.

Prof:                      If I am not interested in doing it, I won’t give you audience. The other person has come, and I have told her straightway, because there is nothing that I can do to bail that person out and her own mark is even more than your own.


The person scored 39, while your own 33.  I am only …so what else ever do you

You can see it any time you come

Student:              Where are you now sir?


Prof:                      We at Moro; they are doing exam, the MBA executives

Student:              They are just writing their own exam?”

Prof:                      They are just starting today


Student:              When will you be in the office?

Prof:                      That will be after the exam by 4.30, I will finish the exam by 4.30. but by 5pm I will be in the office.

Student:              Should I come by five?


Prof:                      If you will not come, and be asking me stupid questions again,

Student:              It is not stupid questions now ah ah

Prof:                      If you are ready…you told me you are doing menstruation


Student:              I was really doing my period sir. I swear to God, Professor XYZ

Prof:                      Stop mentioning my name, stop mentioning my name

Student:              I was really doing my period sir


Prof:                      And now nko?

Student:              That was almost the end now, and now I have finished.

Prof:                      It has finished, that means that your boyfriend has done it yesterday.


Student:              Is it every time that someone will be doing it with a boyfriend. Is it every time you do it with your wife?

Prof:                      Yes

Student:              It is a lie, it is not possible


Prof:                      It is not possible I am just joking

Student:              (Ehn, ngba mii, o ma nsun yo) sometimes, people get tired of it

So, what is the 411 now?


Prof:                      You mean?

Student:              411 is , what is the plan now

Prof:                      Ehn, let’s have the first one, today, and then, I will do it (rectify the result) in your presence. And then we will do another one tomorrow.


Student:              Ehn, se kini yen wa je bi ounje ni? (is sex food?)

Prof:                      Our agreement is 5

Student:              Is it B you want to give me or A?


Prof:                      No, ……

Student:              Why will it be five times you will now knack me before I pass?

Prof:                      That’s why I will do


Student:              Prof, you know what?  let me fail it, I can’t do it for five times. For what, let me fail.


*conversation transcribed by our reporter from one of the concerned students

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