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Kano Guber: Don’t set Nigeria on fire, allow judiciary to function – SW NNPP spokesman tells Tinubu



By Ibrahim Kegbegbe

Kano Guber: Don’t set Nigeria on fire, allow judiciary to function – SW NNPP spokesman tells Tinubu Kano Guber: Abba’s Mandate Is No Go Area For Political Bandits- NNPP Southwest PRO

In a recent visit to Kano State, Comrade Kilamuwaye Badmus Bako, the South West Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), reinforced the part’s stance not to trade off the mandate of Kano State Governor Abba Yusuf.


Bako, part of an entourage led by Ambassador Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, voiced concerns over what he termed “political bandits” in the state, particularly pointing fingers at the All Progressives Congress (APC).

During the visit on Monday, 20 November, Bako cautioned against alleged attempts by the APC to forcefully hijack the people’s mandate in Kano. He also criticised what he perceived as an abuse of power by the APC-led federal government and expressed apprehension regarding the undermining of democratic institutions, especially interference with the judiciary.

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Bako concluded such actions as indicative of a political banditry aimed at attaining power through illegitimate means.

The NNPP Southwest PRO took aim at the recent Court of Appeal decision declaring Nasiru Gawuna, an APC candidate, as the winner of the Kano State’s gubernatorial election.

Bako dismissed it as a political conspiracy and a potential political and judicial blunder. Maintaining optimism, he stated, “I have accompanied the Excellency, Olufemi Ajadi, to Kano State to extend my gesture to His Excellency, Abba Yusuf, that winning at the Supreme Court is sure, as I feel that the Apex Court is known for its consistent objectivity and transparency.” Bako highlighted the discrepancy between the Court of Appeal’s judgment and the written verdict.


The written verdict by Justice Moor Aseimo Abraham Adumein suggested a resolution in favor of the appellant, Governor Abba Yusuf, contradicting the announced decision in favor of the APC candidate. Despite the confusion, Bako remained steadfast, asserting that the Supreme Court, known for its objectivity, would likely uphold Abba’s victory.

The excerpt from the written verdict reads: “I will conclude by stating that the live issues in this appeal are hereby resolved in favour of the 1st respondent and against the appellant. “In the circumstances, I resolve all the issues in favor of the favor of the appellant and against the 1st respondent.

Therefore, I found no merit in this appeal which is liable to be and is hereby dismissed” As political tensions escalate in Kano, the NNPP Southwest PRO’s unwavering support for Governor Abba Yusuf and the party’s confidence in the judiciary, particularly the Supreme Court, set the stage for a protracted legal battle. Concerns loom over the democratic process and the rule of law in the state, as the political landscape remains fraught with challenges and uncertainties.

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