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 Is this how morally bankrupt I have become? Ah, God. Truly, many things happen under the sun, some not even supposed to be heard. My story which you are about to read is one of such.

How can I, Perembo, known by everyone in the family to be good, and godly, be the one to commit the kind of great sin that I want to talk about here.

I made a mistake; Pius my cousin made his own mistake, but it was Brume, his wife that spoiled everything.


It was after the birth of their second child that katakata started to burst.

The Lagos State government just mobilised bulldozers on some markets for reasons only they know, and that was how Pius’ generator spare parts shop inside the Mosafejo market in Oshodi, went.

Like many others, Pius never expected the demolition would come so soon and was therefore totally displaced.


His wife, Brume, 28 years of age used to sell second had wears at the Aswani market but the business capital was just too small.

Things got so worse that she had to be begging her husband’s friends and relations for sustenance. And that was how I, Perembowei got into the picture. I lived at Abule Egba, but worked as Accounts officer in a pharmaceutical firm at Idumota.

The visit that caused it all

Many times I had visited Pius and his family and had to part with money. It was in the course of one of such visits that the wife, merely seeing me, burst into uncontrollable tears.It was about 6.18 pm but Pius was yet to return from wherever he went.


Food money was not coming as it used to, which was not a surprise to me; also, income from her trade had dwindled tremendously, but the one that shook me was allegation that my cousin had started sleeping out.

“Why can’t a man in this kind of challenge advice himself. Why can’t your brother hold himself? I know that things have been difficult for us as a family, but is that enough for you brother to also abandon his responsibilities as a husband”, she bemoaned.

In fact, Brume ended up with a threat that she too would be left with no option than to start sleeping out. It was at that point that I stepped in.


“You know you can’t do that, no, not the Brume that I have always known and been proud of all these years…”, I began, trying to win her confidence.

I could see that those words were having an effect on her almost immediately. For the first time, she looked me in the face, letting two quick tears to drop. I was encouraged to go on.

“I don’t need to tell you this, but you know you have always been my favourite amongst the wives in our compound. You are different, committed and reliable, so I cannot but love you above all others. So, please do not drop your guards now. Whatever wrong you think Pius may be doing, do not lose your cool …”


Again, I could see her face calming…

And encouraged, I reached for my pocket and brought out some money I knew could be of tremendous assistance. She was full of profuse thanks..

At least, by the time I was leaving that day, she was a better person than I met her.


One week passed and another week without a word from either her or my cousin. Then one Friday afternoon, my phone rang and behold, it was Brume. My heart skipped a bit. I had expected Pius to call, not the wife. What could be the matter I wondered, but then I held my breath. The long and short of it was that she and the children were on their way to the house, possibly for the weekend. I literally lost the concentration to continue at work. They should not for any reason, stay out for second, especially as I did not know the state of their wellbeing. Quickly I rounded off for the day and headed home.


The moment of temptation


I expected a sullen face, followed perhaps, by legion complaints but by the time Brume Brume entered, I was farther from the truth.

Immediately she pushed the children to the double settee, and dropped her bags on the floor, she clung to me, burying her face on my shoulder all in the process of expressing how grateful they were for all the assistance.

We had never been that close, but more was to come, as if they had been pre-planned.


She held me firmly by the sides, and I am telling you, her right thigh was already in-betweens my two legs, making very amorous contact with my penis.

I cringed, but then caution as not to make her feel bad.

I was still in the loose knickers that offered me sufficient freedom and relief from the hot weather, and never expected what was following.



If I was married, perhaps that closeness wouldn’t mean much, but as a bacherlor?

Truth was that I never in my imaginations felt anything near what was happening to me. I had girl friends, and had not been short of romantic company, so any thought of me desiring what was happening was totally off the point, because she would speak for a moment and then draw close, grasping me by the side, each time, robing her face on my neck and stroking her leg between my thighs. That was the feeling I never bargained for began to surge in me. I just found my body succumbing but feebly resisting.



Sex like never before

It is said that women are devils; for the first time, I could see the proof of assertion.


Her wrapper was to say the least very feeble, and it was as if I was making skin to skin contact with her flesh already.


“Brother, please I want to bath with these children”, she said upon, releasing me from her hold. She must have sensed that I had lost control; I only nodded, and without caution, she was already removing her clothes and dumping them by the settee.


I had never witnessed a shower so fast. And next she headed the children to the guest room.  It was clear to me that I was in trouble, but sincerely, I made no efforts to escape.

It was a day, I saw a different Brume. You needed to see the kind of apparel she was clad in by the time she re-entered the parlour. It spoke more than a thousand words.  it was so light and clung firmly to her body, bringing out all the contours and cleavages; I do not know which reverend could withstand it.

I just lay on the long couch looking at nowhere in particular, but expectantly expecting her approach. Am I not finished, like this, I kept asking myself?


“Brother, I have something important to request of you”, she began, when she returned to me. “Please I want you to help me because your brother has been torturing me…2

“Don’t worry Brume, I will try my best. For as much as I can, I will assist until…

“I know brother, thank you for that, but what I am also saying is that..”, and then she trailed off, looking me in the eyes, and without question, taking a seat as close to me as possible.


“What I am saying is that he never bothers about me. It is almost two months now……”

And as she spoke, she crossed her right arm across my shoulder, letting her breasts to rest on my back. I could not utter a word; instead, I let her hold my hands, rob my chest and then begin to caress me all over.

“Brother, you have to help me. What I am asking for, I know it is difficult, but it is not impossible, please, pleeeaase. I too, I am a human being. Imagine, three months now, without your husband touching you! is it not worse than being denied house-keeping allowance? Brother, pleeeaase,,,,,


She engaged virtually every part of my body and what she did with them, was more amorous than what she was saying.

The deed was finally done, when she methodically began to move her hands towards my pelvis.

I shivered when I sensed her fingers reaching further down, as in the next moment; she just grabbed my manhood, forcing me to let out a sensational groan.



When she let go her own coverings, I cannot give account of. All I could feel was the wild of emotions wailing up in me. I am sorry but no lady has ever handled me like that. She held my thing in different ways, sometimes in between her palms and at other times in between her thighs without allowing a penetration just yet.  Then, she turned her head down towards my legs. In between, she grabbed my manhood with her tongue. Haba, what she did with it in her mouth I am not able to re-tell, and by this time, I was now a full running engine, ready to roar any moment.

She was the one who did it, from that top position, jerking, twirling, and thrusting, while I lay there, turning my head from side to side, moaning and shrieking…

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Obi Lydia Christy

    November 17, 2018 at 5:21 pm

    Why I came to Nigeria Institute Of Journalism

    Nigeria institute of journalism is like a place of birth where people from different continent come for the input of knowledge, to add more to what they know before,said by one of their past student ‘NIKE’.Looking at what Theodora Aidoo is doing in Ghana now as a journalist coupled with the advise she gave me I decided to join the institute.
    Well, my being here is an excellent task because,since I arrived I’ve being enjoying the lectures and my assignment are stressful but it’s a practice for my tomorrow.My lecturers in the order hand are very good in their profession.Mr Tolu for instance,when lecturing us for his course he make sure that you understand,while he teaches and at the same time he plays with his student.

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