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Family Assaults Mourning In-Laws, ‘For Killing’ Their Daughter



Chaos erupted in Kyakamunya Village of Butenga in Bukomansimbi District of Uganda on Wednesday evening after mourners disagreed during the burial of 22-year-old Aisha Nakakande.

Trouble started when angry residents accused mourners from Bukambagga Village in Butuntumula Sub County in Luweero District who escorted the body of having a hand in her death.

Nakakande was wife to Umar Ssebuliba, a resident of Bukambagga Village in Luweero District.


Angry residents whipped mourners who accompanied Ssebuliba, forcing them to abandon the body they had taken for burial, reports Daily Monitor Uganda.

Over 20 of them sustained serious injuries, including the council chairman of Bukambagga Village identified as Moses Kasirye, who was admitted in the hospital upon returning to Luweero on Wednesday evening.

It is alleged that the late Nakakande suffered abdominal cramps while breaking her fast on Tuesday evening, which resulted in her death as she was being taken to Luweero Health Centre.


Upon receiving the news that Nakakande had died and that her husband and other people were transporting the body, the villagers at Kyakamunya, armed with sticks and machetes, mobilised themselves and waited for them at the deceased’s father’s home.

The deceased’s husband said his wife died of natural death.

“As soon as we offloaded the body from one of the vehicles, a gang of people pounced on us and started flogging us as we fled,” Ahmed Nsereko,  one of the victims said on Thursday.


As fighting ensued, the group of in-laws and Ssebuliba’s friends were forced to abandon Nakakande’s body in the courtyard before they could prepare it for burial.

The group was also forced to leave their cars behind.

Authorities are currently investigating the fracas.