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Bullion Scores Another Milestone, Gets SON Approval For Latest Product Variants



Bullion Go-Neat Global Limited, has achieved another milestone in its adherence to quality standards in Products’ manufacturing.

This it did through securing the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) MANCAP Numbers for its innovative product variants.

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The SON is Nigeria’s apex regulator of products’ standards and the products it certified on the Bullion stable are SEADONS’ GIN FLAVOURED SPIRIT DRINK FT-18591 and Cocosamba MILK AND CHOCOLATE FLAVOURED DRINK WITH HERBAL EXTRACT FT-18592.

The new feather is coming at a time of increasing popularity of products on the Bullion Go-Neat Global Limited’s stable.

It comes with acontinurd adherence to certain rules and regulations of the Nigerian Industrial Standards, including:


“Continued production of the approved items.

“Avoidance of any misuse of the MANCAP Logo and number.

“The six-month validity period, after which certification should be completed.


“Faithful reproduction of the MANCAP Logo in the original color.

“Failure to comply with these conditions may result in the withdrawal of the MANCAP Logo and number.”

Bullion Go-Neat Global Limited is urged to prioritize the swift completion of the certification process before introducing the products to the market.


It bears repetition that the latest feather underlines  the commitment of Bullion Go-Neat Global Limited to upholding quality standards in the industry, ensuring consumers receive products that meet the highest regulatory standards.