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Best steps to apply for Canadian visa from Nigeria



Canada is one of the most fascinating countries in the world to visit. Thousands of people go to Canada every year to find a new life and new work. If you want to visit, work, study or stay permanently in Canada, you will find this article useful. Here is how to apply for Canada Visa from Nigeria!

Be aware that the procedure for applying for a Canadian Visa in Nigeria can take a long time. If you have an option to use Visa centers to help you with procurrinng a Canadian Visa – you should consider doing so. If you prefer to handle this task by yourself, then you need to follow the steps below:

How to get Canadian Visa from Nigeria? – Check your Eligibility first! 


No matter which type of visa you want to get from the Canadian Embassy, you will need to meet these conditions: Provide a valid International Passport; Be healthy (it may require providing your medical history, also if you have HIV and AIDS – you may receive negative answer to your visa application); You should provide documents you have ties in Nigeria. This include proof that you have a job, family, houses, businesses or assets. If you want to visit Canada for a short period, these assets will serve as proof that you will return to Nigeria; You should provide proof that you have enough money to stay in Canada; You should provide all required documents to a Visa Application Center.

How to Obtain Canadian Visa in Nigeria? – Required Documents!

 Any visa request to Canada will require submitting several documents along with your application. Therefore, be patient about this and provide all required documentation with the correct and proven information.

Remember that Canadian Embassy in Nigeria will deny your Visa application if you make a mistake or if they find out you are dishonest You will certainly need two documents for any Canadian Visa. -Application Form IMM5257 – Family Information Form IMM5645


Additional Documents to Submit with the Canadian Application 

An invitation from a person or business representative that you will be meeting in Canada. It should include contact information, duration of your stay, purpose and dates of visit; A note of information about your trip. It should contain contacts, destinations, purposes of your trip, duration of stay, booked hotel addresses and provisional airline booking; Previous passports (it serves as evidence of your previous travel history); Payment for your Visa Processing Fee; Two passport photographs with your signature and date at the back.

Your international passport should be older than six months. If other members of your family will also accompany you, then they you should also provide their own passport photos. On the back of the photos – do not forget to write their names and dates of birth.; Your original Nigerian passport and those beloging to anyone accompanying you.


Nigeria should issue this passport. It should have at least six months’ validity period and contain two blank visa pages; You should also submit a photocopy of your bio-data page. It`s the page that shows your name, surname, date of birth, place of birth, photo, etc.; Evidence of invitation, hotel confirmation, registration to a seminar, trade show, science conference, etc.; Biometric fees; Proof of funds. You will need to submit evidence that you can cover your travel expenses.

Acceptable proof of your payability may include a certificate bank statement of your account history for three previous months, proof of investments in your bank account or a list of sponsorship from the the person inviting you to Canada; Self-addressed return courier envelope to get your documents back.

Complete VFS Canada Form! 


When you complete all necessary documents to get your Canadian Visa – you will also need to complete a VFS consent form. You should attach this form to your application documents! If you don`t complete the form – all your documents will be returned to you! Visa

Application Fee You are required to pay Visa application fee if you want to travel to Canada. Your Visa fee will not be returned to you if the application is rejected. Just visit nearest Canada Visa Application Center to process your application fee and biometric fees.

This center is located in 16, Billing Way, Oregun Industrial Area, Ikeja, Lagos. You are required to pay in cash only. Note, that you may be required to pay an additional $40 for service charge..


Submit, process and retrieve

Submit all the required documents to the Canada Visa Application Center. Visa Applications are accepted from 8 am to 3 pm from Monday to Friday. You will need to wait up to 14 days to your application to be processed. If your documents are accepted, then you will be required to submit your passport for the visa stamp.

Note that you will need to pay $32 for the passport transmission. You will also be notified of when you will have your passport returned!


How to Apply for Canadian Student Visa in Nigeria? 

If you want to study in Canada, then you have to meet following requirements: You must have been accepted by a learning institution in Canada; You must have proof that you have enough money for your stay in Canada; You must prove that you can pay tuition fees; You must prove that you can pay living expenses for yourself or any family member traveling with you; You must prove that you can pay for transportation; You must have no criminal records and be a law-abiding citizen; You must be in sound health and be ready to complete any necessary medical examination; You may need to prove to an immigration officer that you pose no threat to Canada; You must prove to an immigration officer that you will leave Canada after your authorized stay.