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Bad Road in Ejigbo Area of Lagos



Dear Editor,

Bad Road in Ejigbo Area of Lagos

As one of the road users of the Ejigbo road, in Ejigbo Local Council Development Area, LCDA, I would like to draw your attention towards the bad state of the road.


The road linking Ikotun and Oke-Afa has now become the major reason for traffic within that axis; it is sad how people spend lot of hours on a journey that shouldn’t take more than five minutes.

Apart from getting stuck in traffic, we all know that bad roads are a leading cause of fatal auto accidents and they also create enormous hazards for drivers. Hazard which includes: clear zone issues, confusing signature, inadequate signage and sudden driver manoeuvres.

I hope with this matter being address in your newspaper. The relevant authorities will take to work to repair the roads without any further delay.


Ahmed Rahmot writes for Ejigbo Area of Lagos