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Bad Condition Of Roads In Maryland



I am using this medium to highlight the bad condition of road in Maryland/Anthony axes in the Kosofe local government area of Lagos state,

Most especially in Bush Street Mende, and at Anthony on the road that leads to the police station, so many accidents have occurred here, because these areas are really in a bad condition.
Since citizens pay different types of taxes to ensure the smooth running of the government, those in authority owe it a duty to provide us with basic facilities.

This same issue of bad road has been in existence for donkey years now which is very absurd and illogical. There are potholes and disrepairs almost everywhere. The repair work done by the government Is a shoddy and does not last long..
The citizens have been crying out to the governing bodies but no concrete action has been taken. This issue needs to be addressed immensely. Thank you
Yours faithfully
Imagbudu Paul

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