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Ambassador Ajadi Backs journalist Okingbaloye For President Tinubu To Show Responsibility



Ambassador Ajadi Backs Journalist Okingbaloye, On President Tinubu To Be Responsible

The Ogun State gubernatorial candidate of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP)
Ambassador Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo has lent his weight on a journalist charging President Bola Tinubu to be responsible to his duties as a leader.

The journalist , Seun Okingbaloye, in what he described as “Final Word” on his Sunday Politics” live programme, had posed series of questions on why the president had chosen to embark on a foreign trip, literally had done nothing while the nation was held hostage by a myraid of problems.

Mentioning these to biting economic conditions, spate of kidnapping, citizens’loss of confidence when they need urgent actions, he concluded that this was obviously what they expected from the government they voted for. (See full recording)

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Ajadi, while reacting to the charge, wholeheartedly commended the journalist for what he described as a most timely and constructive submission .

Ajadi said, Okingbaloye, in the live charge, had shown the stuff an informed and development journalist is made of and that he deserved commendation for such a construction and courage.

“It is a mark of great men to speak up in times like this, just like Journalist Okingbaloye has demonstrated.
“Any conscientious person will agree just as he did, that the nation is truly bleeding and the masses suffering.


“We have a sitting president with office in Abuja, and yet within the same environs, kidnappers are having a field day; that is a big slap.

“Our country is blessed with resources, yet hunger is running wild all over the country.
“These can only happen when a government or those that represent it are either sleeping or do not know know what to do.

“For how long will Nigerians continue to suffer and the government cannot be of help”, Ajadi rhetorically questioned.


He said there was no sentiment about the fact that the government was falling the masses, including those who risked their lives to campaign and vote for it.

“I implore everyone to watch through the broadcast and point out a single falsehood from all that the journalist has said. And coming from a reputable media outfit, it shows truly how bad things have gone”.

According to Ambassador Ajadi, what tangible thing would anybody credit the government with, that had truly impacted their lives, except increase in prices of goods and services


He agreed that rather than embarking on a foreign trip while his country was in palpable fear, that the president ought to have swung into immediate action finding solutions to those security and economic challenges as mentioned.

.”I totally identify with what the journalist has said, and join in calling on the president to do something.

“It is not out of place truly to assemble experts in a room to find a way out of the problems that want to suffocate this country.


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” Look out in the streets, check the prices of things and listen to Nigerians, it is clear that things are challenging.
“Nigerians have elected a government and the least that that government owes them is security of lives and property and wellbeing.

“This is the truth that we all should support.


“The lives of Nigerians, their security matter, not the current situation where leaving your home on a visit, you could just be kidnapped and ransom demanded.

“Why is insecurity increasing? Why are people hungry?

“Why are people committing suicide here and there? All of these are connected with economic hardship and it beckons on our leadership to do something.
“Nigeria is blessed. It requires leadership to enable Nigerians enjoy the