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Henry Throws Support Behind Struggling Barca Boss Xavi



Thierry Henry has claimed that Xavi’s football knowledge is second only to Pep Guardiola, as he praised the soon-to-leave Barcelona boss.

Xavi’s old Catalan teammate Henry complimented the failing coach’s managerial abilities during a challenging season for the Blaugrana manager. Barca is now in third place in the league, eight points behind leaders Real Madrid, following their championship success the previous season.

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Appearing on CBS Sports, Henry addressed Xavi during a live interview: “First and foremost I wanna start with… I’ve been impressed with the job that you’ve done there. I don’t care what people say, you won the league. Be proud, and I know you are. I’m very proud that I shared the field with you. You taught me a lot going to Barcelona.”

Henry also compared Xavi to another Blaugrana legend, adding: “I hope you’re gonna carry on because your brain, for me, is second to none. The only guy that I know that is up there with you is Pep in terms of how you see the game.”

Between 2007 and 2010, Xavi and Henry were teammates at Barcelona. During that time, Xavi played a pivotal role in Guardiola‘s 2008–9 team that won an unprecedented four titles. In 2010, the four-time major trophy winner French forward quit the team.


After a challenging season, the Blaugrana manager has promised to leave the team at the end of the current one. Despite his difficult spell in Catalonia, Henry has encouraged him to return to management.

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