Why I Opted Out Of Miss NIJ Beauty Pageant …contestant


A prospective contestant in the Miss NIJ 2019 pageant has broken the hearts of her supporters by deciding to opt of the contest.

The lady, Jumoke Oladele had earlier indicated interest to slug it out with a bevy of other ladies on campus, a decision which excited her admirers on campus.

They were however shocked to hear that the pageant hopeful had opted out, prompting The Eagle correspondent to seek for her reasons of doing so.

Soft-spoken Jumoke said she was forced to step down by the stress involved in the pageant, the stress of the several rehearsals concerning the different segments of the pageant.

A fashion designer, she said she had taken on a number of sewing contracts for her clients and would not afford to disappoint them.

“Initially wanted to participate in the pageant just to have fun, but i don’t think i can cope with the stress”, she said.

She added for now, she was making arrangements to participate in other aspects of teh week, perhaps taking a stand to sell some things.

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