MISS NIJ 2019… ‘I know I’m beautiful and intelligent’

Today, we serve our second interview of the contestants to the Miss NIJ beauty pageant, a major item on the six-day extravaganza

 Why did you decide to enter the contest in the pageant?

I am in the race because I have the passion of becoming Miss NIJ.

What qualities do you think qualifies you to contest?

There are many qualities that i have that qualify me to be in the contest.

The first is that I can dance and sing. I also know that I am beautiful and intelligent.

You will be competing with many other girls, are you confident of winning?

Yes, I am confident of winning. I am saying this because I can face the crowd; their looks can never make me scared or discouraged.

What if you don’t win?

If I don’t win, life goes on.  I will never feel bad.  It might happen that in the same day, somebody I don’t expect will create an opportunity for me to contest somewhere else.

The contestants have been through a lot in the process, are you satisfied with the whole arrangement?

Yes I am, though it has not been easy. Participating in the pageant is at a cost, but I know God will provide for me to buy all the necessary things needed.

With your experience thus far, what suggestions do you have for the committee?

My advice to the committee is that they should encourage those who are contesting. They shouldn’t let them feel bad. They shouldn’t be bias of any kind, so that people will respect the outcome.

Anuoluwapo Odeyemi

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