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PGD Class Proves Omojuyigbe’s Morals Of “Anything your mind can conceive..”



Anything your mind can conceive

By Jimoh Elizabeth Oluwaseyi

The philosophical admonition of “Anything your mind can conceive, you can definitely achieve”, was proven flatly yesterday by the Post-graduate Diploma (PGD) class of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ), Ogba Lagos.

The Deputy Provost of the school, Dr Dele Omojuyigbe had in a lecture with the class earlier spoken in premonition that: “Anything your mind can conceive, you can definitely achieve”.


That moral became a tonic that fired up the class football team in a match they never trained for , to pull up a commendable draw.

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The Deputy Provost had spoken about his adaptive mechanism in turning a major set-back threat into a step-up process for stardom while working as a former acting Editor with the Daily Times Newspaper group in Lagos.


 He said he used his earlier days as a newbie in the industry to invest quality time in personal development, which invariably opened doors of greater opportunity for him in his career journey.

Reiterating on “anything your mind can conceive, you can definitely achieve” he implored the upcoming journalists to passionately and purposefully pursue their career goals, for nothing is impossible to a willing mind!.

The PGD players line up before the game.

The Eagle reports that the PGD class squared up with the male students of the National Diploma (ND) One class in a friendly football match which ended in a goalless draw.

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The outcome of the match was a shocker to the PGD female folks, who had earlier underrated the skills of their male colleagues.

They were however pleasantly surprised, when the latter began to showcase commendable skills and personal coordination when the game went underway.

The class governor of the PHD student- Mrs Rufai Hussainat Kehinde who was among others who cheered endlessly from the stands, expressed  profound appreciation of her players.


These players included Michael, Wande, Mustakeem, Emmanuel, Afeez and Ademola Ogunlana who played skillfully.

Although the PHD female student had no keen interest in enlisting for the friendly football match, yet the synergy they displayed in cheering their male colleagues at the pitch was highly commendable.

Some became self-appointed cheer leaders, welfare officers or any other encouraging role of choice.

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