Is Love Enough? ….what Nigerians say

By Idera Eluwande 

Love is a major prerequisite in a relationship, but is love enough? Is love all that is needed? Do the other factors count in a relationship? These are the matters of the heart, different individuals with different answers.
When you are in love, you think about your partner always, you want them to be happy, you feel secure and safe around them. You are always on cloud nine when you are together, nothing else matters. Your body, mind and heart becomes attached to your partner.
All these feelings are pleasing but can it stand the test of time? Will you still be in love when things are going smoothly? When your partner doesn’t interest you or annoys you at that moment, will you still proclaim your love to your partner. If your man goes broke or your woman is not as attractive as before would you still be in love?
Is it the love that will keep you going or other factors? Find below what our respondents say

In my point of view, love is never enough to keep the relationship, why? Because it takes maturity, communication and understanding to keep a relationship. I can love you and still find it difficult relating my utmost emotions or predicaments to you. Love works when combined with respect, humility, commitment and financial growth/improvement. It is true money isn’t everything but at some point it becomes an hindrance to the expression of the love professed.

-Jane Bishung, a banker

“Love isn’t enough to keep a relationship, a relationship is like a car, with only an engine and no tires a car can’t move. So is a relationship; without some other ‘spices’ it leads nowhere. A relationship needs more than love to survive. It needs care, attention, commitment and communication to make it blossom. It becomes less interesting without these factors. Love is just a word, what makes love to be love are those spices mentioned”

– Mr James Ifedayo, teacher

“Came across a quote recently that goes: ‘the greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved for ourselves or rather loved in spite of ourselves ‘. This suggests that sacrifice is a key prerequisite for love to prevail.
I don’t have so much experience when it comes to love but I certainly can tell you that it’s the foundation of every relationship, upon which all the other glamorous qualities are built. With my little knowledge of buildings, I know that no matter how strong a storm seems to be, as long as the foundation is strong enough, the tenacity is all that matters.. It’ll withstand that test.  So, relating it back to the topic, in my own view, love is enough depending on how deep and strong it is because a love that’s strong, will always weather any storm

-Odunayo Oyebode, 300l Agriculture student, University of Ibadan.

Yes love is enough to keep a relationship but it comes with other factors like commitment, sacrifice, honesty, loyalty and respect
Commitment and sacrifice work hand in hand. You have to be committed to keep the relationship I.e sacrificing your time and keeping that connection by checking up on your spouse. And also, it’s not just about you anymore; it’s both of you so you to think not for yourself alone – do not be self-centered.
Secondly, you build a bond, a connection by being honest and transparent with each other, Share your deepest secrets and afterwards be loyal and respect each other’s opinions. When there is respect, loyalty is seconded.  So, all of these factors work together in keeping the relationship, they are like the rules the constitution guiding a good relationship.

Paul Imagbudu, ND student, Nigerian Institute of journalism, Ikeja

“In my opinion , Love is not enough to hold a relationship and when they say, “Love conquers all” ….. that’s talking about love in the context of the greater Love , which should be a way of life, a general gesture, as in how you treat your neighbors, enemies , friends and foes …

But it is often misunderstood as to Love in the context of relationship or marriage. I personally feel that Love in a relationship without respect is only a matter of time. People fall in and out of love and love in the context of relationships is but a feeling and feelings fade off. It might take a while as love is ranked as one of the strongest feelings in humans but I repeat it’s only a matter of time . My point is that Love alone can’t hold a relationship , but love will make it easier for spouses to fulfill the other obligations attached to relationships.

-Peejay, an entertainer and music producer

“Love is never enough. On the other hand, we can talk about love being enough if it’s with God.  God is Love and has other features encapsulated in LOVE. Understanding is key. When there’s love without understanding, the love with time will be strained and frustrated. I’ll say it’s mutual understanding, trust, patience, sacrifice…all combined.

Jennifer Ibekwe, teacher.

“Trust and honesty, I believe are the base on which relationships can survive especially during difficult times. Having trust and being honest with one another basically means having conviction or belief in someone that they will always remain loyal, faithful to each other and love themselves. When you trust your partner, it basically means you can depend on them, reckon on them and confide in them comfortably because you feel secured with them. This is the ingredient, component for any relationship, and without this your relationship will remain shaky if not leading to break up.

Ekenne Ezechi, nurse

From the submissions, love is primary, but can only grow and be well nurtured if all the other spices are in place. These other factors make the love grow stronger and stand the test of time when problems arise. Back to the question, is love enough? No it is not enough….


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