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13 Best Emotional Happy New Month Messages For Loved Ones



Emotional Happy New Month Messages

It is a new month and there is someone out there, who would treasure emotional happy new month messages from you.

If it is the only thing you could give to keep them going, to bring excitement and love into their lives, why not.

We need to be reminded to always be there for one another, for this life is but once. They hold you in high esteem, and look up to you for pleasant words to make their day, their week or their month.


Though in words, these 7 best emotional happy new month messages for loved ones, could be the tonic that someone out there needs to brave all the evil and hardship that characterise life in our country currently. Try sending them out, and you would return to thank us for it. Here goes, the 7 best emotional happy new month messages for loved ones

  1. If I have one great wish in this wide world today, it is to be with you, in this new month of September, and beyond.  I love you.

2. I do not need to look at the calendar to tell which month it is, the thrills of your voice that blessed Saturday, lingers in my memory, and then, the few minutes encounter that changed the course of my life . love baby girl.

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3. Yes, I was born in February, but how better can I show my love for you, than to adopt September as my best month. Uche nke obim, where you are is where I am.


4. My bags are ready, my heart set. The month cometh when all true loves go in search of dear ones. Let no dad nor mum try to stop me, to my love I go.  

5. Emotional happy new month messages; just feel my temperature, and tell me which is greater.

6. Emotional happy new month messages or not, where you are is where I want to be, today and always.

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7. Here I am again, peering into the gloomy moon, only one wish in my heart: o moon, that you may shine your light, that he may see the love that awaits him there.

8. I have looked forward to this new day with the greatest enthusiasm, knowing that it is but a few hours before I receive you back in my arms. I love you Jessy

9. August was for the enemy who attempted to steal our joy; but September has come for us to renew the bonds we share. Hold me firm Jesse and let the enemies be ashamed.


10.  I have learnt my lessons, never again to let you, the love of my life down again. Let September bear witness of this my promise to you

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11. For others, it is a new month, but for me, another opportunity to renew the emotions we share together


12. Precious my love, of all their happy new month messages, the greatest, the most important for me is to be opportuned to press those tender palms again. I love you

13. All the emotional happy new month messages in the world, can not measure to the genuine love I have for you. Love, love, love!

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