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Controversy: What Is The Best Way To Propose To A Lady?




This edition, we would be looking at a very interesting topic in our street interview series, with the topic: “How should a man propose to a lady?”. The following responses tell the rest of the story:



A lady’s birthday is one of the most special moments in her life, the same as the day she is engaged, so, I think her birthday provides the best opportunity to propose to her. Merging those two special days would be an unforgettable experience for a lady, a day she would keep remembering till death.

Mr Kunle Ajayi. dealers in engagement and bridal accessories, Ile Epo market



The best approach is to first work your way to becoming intimate with the lady. That way, you would get to become intimate also with her close friends and family members. In the presence of these people, would be ideal for you to propose to her, especially if they are people that have showered love to her. Proposing to a lady in the presence of her loved ones would make her feel well honoured.

Mrs Cynthia Akinsola, Civil Servant, Alausa



Looking at it from another perspective, the perspective of singles, the best way to propose to a lady is to call her on phone.

Tell her to come over (to the man’s residence, office or to an eatery.

When she has arrived, play along, finding faults with her, including even shouting at her.  Insult her and tell her you don’t think the relationship can work out, but on her way to the exit just call her back and tell her she forgot her items.


As she is turning back then bring out the box and ask her the question “will you marry me?”.

I am sure she will never forget that day

Miss Aminat Adegoke , Student



The best way to propose to a lady is take her out for shopping then plan dinner or date with her in one of the restaurants she loves.

On getting there, order her favourite meal and drink.


Without her consent, drop the ring in her drink, make a toast and make her drink,. When she drinks up, the ring will fall into her mouth and as she brings it out, then propose, I  am sure she will feel honoured.

Mr Lateef Sejuro, Fresh graduate



The best way to propose to a lady is,  take her far away out of the busy city to a beach, park, garden or a river i.e a serene environment which is cool and noise-free.

Invite a guitarist, her favourite and during the performance of her favourite song, ask the big question. will you marry me?

Mr Wale Oladipupo, civil Servant



I am not really this romantic and this proposal thing is not my type (laughs), but to me,  I think the best way to propose to a lady is in the church which means dedicating it to God, involving God.

Mrs Bose Aluko,  Textiles dealer, Ile Epo



I would suggest, to take her out to her place of interest, country, place of interest and propose to her.

Dr Tony, Relationship and Marriage Ikeja

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1 Comment

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