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Top 10 Flirty Text Messages to Make Him Chase You



Perhaps there is a young man that has been hovering over you, and whom you secretly fancy, how do you ensure that she falls over head over heels with you? Here are a few tips that you could explore from the comfort of your office or corner via text messages.

1. Sorry You Can’t Reply…

  • I bet you’re at work now. I just couldn’t resist asking you something. (Insert winking emoji here).
  • I know you’re busy, but want to know one thing I noticed about you?

Send him the most flirty text messages when he doesn’t have much time to reply back. Squirms and sweats because he wants to text back but barely has time to reply.

He’s dying to know the rest of what you want to say.

2. Missing Information

  • You know the two things that come to my mind when I think about you?
  • You know what I look forward to most the next time I see you?

Wait for him to ask “What?” Then tell him the two things.

Or give him the first thing “1. Your eyes when you laugh”


Then wait for him to ask what the second thing is. He’ll go insane waiting.

3. Cliff Hanger…

  • You really make me happy when…
  • The thing that makes me smile most about you is…

Don’t finish your message. Leave 3 dots at the end and wait for him to ask for the rest. It puts into practice to make him chase you. He squirms to wait for the second part.

When he no longer can resist waiting. He’ll ask you to tell him.

That’s when you know you got him.



4. Seductive Questions (but clean)

  • Do you know the little thing you do that turns me on the most?
  • I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but do you know what I find irresistible about you?

Only use seductive questions until after you have that gut feeling (or know for certain) that he likes you.

Keep it tame at first. Then turn up the heat. If all goes well then do it in the same conversation, otherwise, wait until the next time.

Either way you win. You make him chase you.


5. Imaginary Situations

  • If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
  • If I were a magic lamp and you rubbed me, what three wishes would you request of the genie?

You could make these more seductive than the above examples.
Imaginary situations make him chase you by engaging him into a fun conversation. Any reply he gives you, you could ask him to talk more.

The more he talks and you listen he feels special.

Plus you can allows turn it into a flirty game where you put yourself into another imaginary situation with him.

He would go to the beach so he could relax and look at the water- ask if he would let you join him.


6. Guess What?

  • Guess what I am thinking about right now?
  • Guess what?

Yes, that simple. “Guess what?” will make any man swell up with anticipation.
Any cute response to him asking, “What?” will work.

He’ll just itch in anticipation waiting for you to tell him the next part.

Which Type of Flirty Text Message Would Turn Him On Most?

7. Bold Seductive Compliments

  • Has anyone told you how sexy your eyes look when you laugh?
  • Would it offend you if I told you that I just can’t resist looking at your lips when you smile?

The question form of a compliment will entice him to respond. These compliments above are very specific to him and extremely unique.

I die when women use these types of compliments on me.

8. Jump Through the Phone

  • Is there any room for me to sit? (In reply to him saying he is watching a movie while sitting on the couch).
  • Give me your hand. I’m going to read your palm.

When you pretend you are there he suddenly starts to quiver in excitement. It’s almost like you turned the flirty text messages into an actual date.

He can’t help, but imagine what you describe.


Make up something cute and playful. It doesn’t matter what it is. “Your hand says that your favorite thing about a woman is her laugh.”)

He will engage in the act and follow your lead.

You can even start everything out with something super simple like, “Let’s play a game.”


9. I Didn’t Want to…But

  • I didn’t want to stare, but what color are your eyes. They glimmer in the light.
  • I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, but your collar was messed up. Would you have let me fix it?

The secret here is that you display that you held back pent up temptation to act. Now he will invite you to either finish the compliment or thank you for it.

10. I bet I can guess…?

  • I bet I can guess what you’re doing.
  • I bet I can guess what you’re thinking about right now.

No man will resist replying to flirty text messages like these.

Again the reply does not really matter. You got him to engage. That’s all that counts.



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